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    I’m not yet a parent but I’m craving a baby. It happened so that I can’t carry a baby due to high risk to my own and baby’s life. RE recommended surrogacy last year but I didn’t want to rush in the process without being absolutely sure I’m ready.
    I’ve been researching since that time and Ukraine has become my #1 choice. I wasn’t sure re the cho…[Read more]

  • @Astrid I’m in that very boat. A surrogate is 16 weeks now and I’m looking to know baby’s gender when she has her next scan. I decided for Ukraine when found our India banned surrogacy. We didn’t expect that and didn’t have any backup plan. It took us more than a year to choose an alternative and here we are. My husband made a research though and…[Read more]

  • If you don’t know now, I agree that one day you can realize that it’s time to reveal the truth or hide it forever. I don’t want my child to know about such things. I’m also doing surrogacy+DE but I want to avoid any questions about this experience, so I’m going to wear a fake baby bump. I know that not many people support this idea but my life…[Read more]

  • I see what you mean. I don’t believe that there are mothers who don’t love their children or don’t care about them. I guess there are reasons behind this, maybe they just don’t have opportunity or they express love in a bit different way. It’s impossible to carry a baby under your heart and then just be careless but it’s just in my opinion. When I…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the info. In a nutshell, an egg donor should be young, healthy and have proven fertility. This makes sense to me and my fertility specialist confirmed all donors the clinic provides meet these requirements. Anyway, the wider the choice, the greater the doubts when trying to choose one. It was difficult for me at least. I didn’t know who…[Read more]

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    @Stormi, I can’t agree with you in some points. However you’re right, now women has a bit different lifesyle so tend to become mothers later. I see young moms in their early 20s less often but not even surprised when women are pregnant at 40s. I’m 36 though and have no children yet thus pursuing surrogacy. The point I can’t agree with is “good…[Read more]

  • To me it was about accepting the idea itself. Knowing that you will never have a baby of your own kills. My husband convinced me that a parent is one who raise a child not the one whose eggs are used or who gives birth. It’s tough indeed but I accepted this. An egg donor database of fertility center we chose for treatment was huge. More than 400…[Read more]

  • Hi all. May I ask you to share your surrogacy experience?
    I am in the same boat but haven’t seen my surrogate yet. She is to have her first scan soon and I’m a bit confused and over excited. The scan is on Monday. I know it’s soon but I find it difficult to sleep. I’ve never done surrogacy before so I’m a total newby. I want to calm down but…[Read more]

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    Hi. Is there anyone who have a bub thru surrogacy? I just need a piece of advice. My surrogate is only 7 week pregnant but I already feel the lack of information provided by a surrogacy agency. Have someone faced the issue? I can’t communicate with surrogate without agency’s rep so I can’t know what is going on there. I’m with Ukrainian surrogate…[Read more]

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    Hi. I hope I can contact other IPs here to share my experience and to know more about others’ journeys. My surrogate is now 7 weeks pregnant and we are to get update after her first scan on Monday. Fingers crossed everything okay with a baby. I am really worried and hope to hear from those who are/were in the same boat. I’m doing surrogacy abroad…[Read more]

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