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    Farah Smith

    We all want to be the mother. But fate doesn’t favor us all. Every 6th women faced infertility. Still, science has provided us the solution of infertility. Through surrogacy, you can become a biological mother of your child. I would request you to go for it. Things will be alright.


    Samantha Bill

    Yes dear! You can have a biological child if you are not able to conceive naturally. There is a lot of procedure like surrogacy and IVF. Many clinics are offering these procedures in Europe. I know one clinic situated in eastern Europe which has a high rate of success in this regard. With their best staff, they are serving the humanity with honesty. Many people are consulting them and they are fully satisfied through their work. My cousin has also consulted them. I am writing in their favor because I have visited them with my cousin and I have seen their best facilities. Hope you will also get such blissful facilities. Don’t lose hope. Keep struggling. I hope will be successful. Stay blessed.



    Everyone has not a luxury to have a biological child. But today the advancement of science, you can have one via surrogacy. The gestational surrogacy allows you to have your own genetic child without having to carry it. But If the intended mother has a low ovarian reserve or diminished ovarian reserve than she will o longer be able to have her child as a biological one. The scenario you have mentioned is different and depends on the situation. But to me, the right of the parents who raised the child has more right over who gave birth.



    Surrogacy is a blessing in disguise for people like us who cannot able to conceive naturally. I too had an infertility issue and hysterectomy owing to cancer spread was the cause of my infertility. I opted for surrogacy because it was the last hope for me to have children. I opted for surrogacy and went to Europe because surrogacy banned there in Japan. In Europe, I found a reputable clinic after making a long time research struggle. Staffs were really cooperative. Now our surrogate has going to give birth of twins baby dolls soon. God bless you.



    Hey, there I hope you are doing fine in life. Infertility is getting common these days. I know your pain and guilt. But I would suggest you surrogacy or IVF. They are doing best to overcome infertility. A clinic in Europe is doing a great job.



    Hey, Don’t worry. I hope you see doing okay. You can sure have your own biological child. Even if you can’t conceive. I have them. I am very happy. It was very late when I found out that I had PCOS. I couldn’t conceive. It was the hardest time of my life. But I went through it. Got up and found other ways. You will too. Just do your research. there are so many alternatives out there. Including surrogacy that I highly recommend. Gestational surrogacy can help you have our own biological child. With your own genes and all. Yay. Way to go. Just don’t lose hope. Keep trying. Prayers for you.



    YES, It is all about love. The adopted or biological child should be equal.IPs prior to having their own kids. Due to infertility, they failed to fulfill their dream. At the same time surrogacy is the great blessing for them. My sister had her surrogacy at a clinic which is in Europe. I would like to refer this clinic to the IPs.


    Chloe Mag

    Hello dear, this is a very interesting discussion and I agree with you that love is the strongest bond, much stronger when there are family ties and genetic links, but nonetheless, it is the love for another person that links you to them. And the capacity of the human heart to love is amazing really. But love develops over time and our mind is sometimes not ready to give that time to some baby by adopting it. Rather we go for surrogacy to soothe our minds and ruffled egos. I just wish everyone could think in a pure selfless way for some hours a day only. That alone will make this world a happier place.



    Exactly that’s my point. When you opt for surrogacy then keep all things in your mind. Your child is your biological one. These clinics like in Europe are helping to make it successful in a legal way. There is nothing to be worried about. Be confident about yourself and your child. Don’t let others to affect your lifestyle. This your life and your choice.



    I think this conversation is very intense on part of the reader. My heart started sulking in thinking someone would do that to your baby. This is maybe caused due to some misconceptions. People who are dumb enough to not think about the children. It is about the way you have brought them up. Even the biological child would not essentially grow up to make you proud. It is just a mindset.



    I see what you mean. I don’t believe that there are mothers who don’t love their children or don’t care about them. I guess there are reasons behind this, maybe they just don’t have opportunity or they express love in a bit different way. It’s impossible to carry a baby under your heart and then just be careless but it’s just in my opinion. When I was told, I have to use donor eggs and a surrogate to have a baby, I was stunned and refused to accept this. But my husband managed to put my mind at ease telling me, no matter whose eggs and who carries, I will be a mother, a perfect mother. This helps me to go through my surrogacy journey. I think other IPs can relate

Viewing 11 posts - 31 through 41 (of 41 total)

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