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    The probability of finding everything you want in one egg donor is low. Intended parents are encouraged to approach the experience with an open mind. The egg donors should be smart, giving and caring women who want to help you achieve your dream of building your family. Through the egg donor database. Intended parents can filter egg donors by hair color, height, age, eye color, weight, education, experience, and ethnicity—the possibilities are endless. Others choose donors who look like the parent who isn’t biologically connected to the child. For example, if you have dark hair and blue eyes. You may want to choose an egg donor based on those criteria. Some intended parents choose based on personal interests, talents, personality, or intellect. Many times we counsel parents to find an egg donor who could “fit in” with the family and has similar traits to the intended parents.



    When selecting a donor, pay close attention to the egg donor’s profile. Read carefully, taking into account how the donor portrays herself. Look for a donor that you can relate to. That you could call your friend, or that you imagine could fit in with your own family. Do your homework, research, ask questions, and if something doesn’t sit well, listen to your gut. Don’t be led to believe that if you pay a top price for an egg donor, you will get a premium donor. That’s not the way it works. Don’t believe that paying a higher fee to an agency or a donor is going to create or produce a top quality. Or even a better quality egg–or, for that matter, increase your chances at becoming a parent. Again, that’s not the way it works. At the end of the day, we believe that the child you have via this process is the child you are meant to have. And will be the most amazing, beautiful, perfect child you have ever laid on eyes on.



    Such an informative post. I myself am going through this process and I can relate to her on so many levels. The clinic we are getting our surrogacy done from also gave us access to the egg donor database. They have 100+ donors on that database. We didn’t know how difficult it would be to choose. I didn’t know on what level were we to see things. It took us a lot of time to decide as well. We wanted to have a donor who was open so that later if our child does ask or inquire about the woman we could try to contact her.


    Joanne Silvia

    Hello, there. I personally am a bigger believer in nurturing. I believe that genes do matter. However, what matters more is how you raise a child. So, I’d suggest that it doesn’t really matter what donor you select. It’s perhaps important to avoid such who have no history of serious medical illnesses. I hope this helps.



    It’s up to you. They’ll show you the profile. They’ll show you the data. It’s your decision that which you want to go with. It’s really easy. Don’t worry about it. Just take good care of yourself. Doctors are going to help you in this matter. Take you decision wisely. Everything is going to be alright with you. Take good care of yourself.



    Thanking you so much for sharing such motivational post. Your friend has gone through very hard times. However, it’s great that she never give up. Most of the aspirant give up in the midway. It’s great that you shared her success story here. This story will motivate so many individuals. Wishing you good luck too!


    Farah Smith

    Hey there, Thanks for sharing this thread. It will surely motivate and inspire many people. Its good to know that you are supporting your friend. And after hard times she finally getting the fruits of her patience. Great to know about these success stories. Good luck to every women here



    yea you are right. selecting egg donor in IVF is very stressful. many things have to look. I have done that before. my sister was searching for an egg donor. we have seen many pics and profiles. it’s very difficult to choose. it takes a lot of time. I remember when we are searching we had taken almost 8 hours to make a perfect final selection.



    hi, hope so you are doing great. This is a really positive post. I really appreciate. WOW! I am really happy to know about this. So happy that she didn’t lose hope. My sister was unable to conceive naturally. So she chose surrogacy. She lives in Europe. Europe has best clinics. Now she is blessed with a baby girl. We just have to handle the situation calmly. And not lose hope. Better things are coming. Just waiting for the perfect moment. My best wishes for her future.



    With growing trend of egg donation it has become really important for the IPs to find an egg donor who is the most perfect one. A perfect egg donor means less chances of failure and more chances of success. An egg donor is not someone you can find from any market. It requires profound search. Every step has to be taken very carefully. Just like we try to get the best medicine for the best treatment, it is highly significant to find a perfect egg donor too. Most of the physicians think that there are five integral points to keep in mind. Never go for independent search. Take your partner’s help. Both of you must finda potential donor together. There are number of online agencies that have registered egg donors. Search for an egg dnor that has maximum similarity with you and your spouse. Read all the details and then make a decision.



    Hey dear. Hope you are doing great. I know These procedures are difficult for the donors. They get enough money. But the pain is real. the child has their genes. So they obviously have an attraction to them. It’s really difficult to avoid it. They are very brave to spread happiness amongst others. Selecting them is really difficult. I can feel the stress. But the choice really matters on your priorities. Just decide on the things that seem important to you. I wish you guys luck. May God bless.


    keira trey

    hey there! I hope you are doing great. IVF is a great method to have a baby of your own. I am really sad to hear your story. if you are choosing an egg donor than you should do it through the proper clinic. clinics have paid egg donors. that would be really helpful. and its a lot more convenient . and when it comes to the clinic you have to do a lot of research. and know what you are going for. some clinics sell a fraud. so be aware of what you are going through. hopefully, everything will go right. stay blessed.



    To me it was about accepting the idea itself. Knowing that you will never have a baby of your own kills. My husband convinced me that a parent is one who raise a child not the one whose eggs are used or who gives birth. It’s tough indeed but I accepted this. An egg donor database of fertility center we chose for treatment was huge. More than 400 young women, although I’m not sure they all are available for stimulation. I was assured all of them are healthy and gave birth to at least one child with no complications. The task was to choose appearance and this wasn’t easy. Each egg donor profile also has video interview, this was helpful. I then decided that she must be well educated and have a nice voice. The one we chose was available for stimulation and later gave eggs that resulted in good embies. I can’t be happier

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