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    Anika Mendez

    Hello everyone. Here I bring you the story of a very close friend who asked me to share her experience to be of help to all who are going through the same. She has suffered many fertility problems and as a last resort resorted to the donation of eggs. It was hard for her. But little by little she has been surpassing it with the help of all her friends and family. Here is his story.

    “Choosing an egg donor can be very stressful.

    For us, the first shock was to choose profiles of girls from a catalog with personal data and photographs. We feel very strange. There are so many things to consider! In the end, we chose as if we were looking for a partner. You choose the girl you like the most. Considering the age (which was less than 25 years), a previous successful donation and the opinion of our IVF doctor.
    The truth is that all the profiles are very similar. But they have differences. There are girls who have already been donors before, there is no. Some have children, others do not … And so with all the nuances … Medical history, success in previous donations, … And the physical.

    There are three types of donation: the anonymous, the semi-open and the open. Each one implies a different level of relationship with the donor from the first minute. And it also has implications with the relationship you will have in the future with our son. We have not finished choosing our donor yet, but I hope we can do it soon.

    We also understand that being an egg donor is very hard. In addition to the psychological burden that may result from giving your genetics to an unknown family, the process to extract the oocytes is long and complex. And the final part, it can be painful. But everything in the end will be worth it.

    My best wishes to all who are going through this long and hard process.

    ATT. Ana “


    Egg donation is simply IVF. In this one woman donates egg enable another woman to conceive. But In my case I faced Failure. So I chose surrogacy for me. I faced failure because I haven’t chosen right clinic. Now I have a daughter through surrogacy. My daughter genetically belongs to me. I want to share it so it might help someone. I am so thankful to the people who supported me throughout this journey. The clinic, where I went for surrogacy, provided me young healthy surrogate. The best thing about the clinic was they not only provided me all the facilities but they also provided comfort to the surrogate too. Now my family is complete. Children are amazing gift the surrogate could give to me. It’s not always for reward but it can be for someone happiness. I would always be thankful for the surrogate who handed me such blessing.

    Shirley Akin

    So right. I agree with every word of it. You know I always wondered what egg donors and sperm donors feel like while donating. I mean they know there is gonna be a baby with their genes. Their is gonna be a baby biologically related to them. I know most do it for money. But still it must be emotionally hard. Don’t you think? I mean if I had to give my eggs anonymously, I’ll always feel like I have a baby somewhere in the world. I would love to see him and hug him. Atleast once. All of this is too hard. Even thinking about is hard for me. I guess people who do it are really strong. Really very strong indeed.


    To begin with. It’s important for us as women and mothers-to-be to know that it is normal to be sad about losing our genetic link to our future child. For some women, it can be a lengthy grieving process. We encourage you to give yourself time to grieve this loss. And see a therapist to help sort through the complicated feelings that you may feel. Remember that no matter which egg donor you select, a DE (donor egg) child will be one you and your partner. Create and give life to. The child will be exclusive and special to your own family. And he or she wouldn’t be coming into this world if not for the love that you have to give. It is also important to focus on the fact that you are going to love, honor, and cherish this child. Regardless of eye color, hair color, height, or other physical characteristics. When selecting a donor, pay close attention to the egg donor’s profile. Read carefully, taking into account how the donor portrays herself. Look for a donor that you can relate to. That you could call your friend, or that you imagine could fit in with your own family.


    The first decision you need to make is whether you want a “known egg donor” or “anonymous egg donor”. A known donor is when a close relative or friend is the egg donor. As well as an egg donor chosen through an egg donor database that agrees to direct contact with you. The factors intended parents consider are varied and personal. Some are looking to match physical characteristics with their own or some may be more interested in finding donors who share similar interests. For some, ethnicity is important. For instance, if a couple comes from an Asian or Jewish background. They may want to search through our database for Asian egg donors or Jewish egg donors first. For others, intelligence and special interests may be important criteria. Whichever you decide, we will help guide you through the egg donor process.


    Anika Mendez thank you for motivation. Salute to your friend who faced too many troubles. After facing she didn’t lose hope. she continued till the end. You did the great work by sharing her story on this forum. May this story act as a motivation for someone. Thanks again. see you next time with a new post.


    To me choosing an egg donor or choosing surrogate is same. Gestational surrogates carry a child for those who cant conceive naturally or cant carry a child. My experience for choosing a surrogate has been the same. However, the clinic professionals have an extensive database of surrogates to choose from, but the true match includes the appearance, height, and ethnicity. The surrogates or donor eggs are made sure that they are tested and screened for assurance and the quality of donor eggs are tested. Choosing a surrogate or donor egg did not take a substantial amount of time but if you are pursuing a reputable surrogacy organization, they do it for you. Moreover, no matter what you choose, the kid would be yours. I agree that the happiness of parenthood would be worth the pain and effort.


    hey!!Right off the bat in their egg giver seek numerous ponder “How to pick an egg contributor?”. There ought to be some standard prerequisites to have set up before you get stalled with subtle elements like your egg benefactor’s eye shading and identity. At the fundamental level, egg benefactors ought to experience a thorough screening process for physical and emotional well-being, family therapeutic history, hereditary qualities and considerably more. It ought to abandon saying that the essential quality is passing this screening procedure. With solidified giver eggs, you can be guaranteed that the benefactors have just been screened; this liberates you to center around different characteristics that are vital to you. A few criteria you may consider include:
    • Appearance: tallness, hair shading, eye shading. Numerous contributor egg beneficiaries are keen on givers with comparable physical highlights.
    • Personal foundation: instruction, identity, vocation. Does a benefactor’s esteems and identity work with yours?
    • Background: ethnic, religious. Once more, numerous families search for a giver with a foundation that matches their own.
    Provided that this is true, go simple on yourself before settling on major choices. Then again, some might be extremely prepared to go ahead to the following stage and would prefer not to hold up anymore.


    How are you doing?
    Such a great post I must say!
    This seems to be much informative for the individuals who are looking for this procedure.
    These assisted reproductive technologies are a long process.
    That requires your patience and faith.
    You have clarified each thing regarding IVF so much clear and appropriate.
    These procedures require your planning and trust on each step you take.
    From considering fertility clinic to all the procedures include requires your careful attention.
    I would also ask you to share surrogacy journey if you have come across to any.
    I am the one who is looking for surrogacy procedure.
    Wishing each one on any certain journey, a very best of their moments of life.
    Great luck.


    Hey, Anika Mendez, we share the same kind of experience. In my case, we decided to look for egg donor from someone from the family.
    It was not that stressful for yes because we know her from so many years that’s why it was good.
    But if you are looking for egg donor who doesn’t know is bit complicated and stressful.
    I will suggest you contact some good clinics near you and If you want this experience to be best then I will suggest you visit Ukraine. Their clinics are really exceptional and doing phenomenal work in this field. They will answer your questions and your doubts will be cleared.
    They will provide you best egg donors.
    And the main thing is the baby will be your own so you just need to think positively. Everything will be alright. Good luck.

    Jess bling

    A great piece of information this is. I never knew all this. I thought it was a simple process. God, it is very detailed. You explained it beautifully. I am going to get surrogacy next month. I am gonna use donor eggs.I will keep all these things in mind for sure.


    The main choice you have to make is whether you need a “known egg benefactor” or “mysterious egg giver”. A known benefactor is a point at which a nearby relative or companion is the egg contributor. And in addition, an egg giver picked through an egg benefactor database that consents to coordinate contact with you. The components expected guardians consider are changed and individual. Some are hoping to coordinate physical qualities with their own particular or some might be more inspired by discovering benefactors who share comparative interests. For a few, ethnicity is vital. For example, if a few originate from an Asian or Jewish foundation. They might need to look through our database for Asian egg benefactors or Jewish egg givers first. For others, knowledge and exceptional interests might be critical criteria. Whichever you choose, we will help control you through the egg giver process.


    Making the decision to use donor eggs in IVF is often not easy. If you’ve had failed IVF cycles using your own eggs or been told you have insufficient ovarian reserve for IVF. You and your partner may need time to grieve before moving on to donor eggs. Once you are ready, however, donor eggs are a kind of miracle. Eggs from young, healthy donors make it possible for women even of advanced maternal age to get pregnant and have a healthy baby at about the same IVF success rates as younger women. As high as 50 percent or more. Your first decision is whether to ask someone you know. Like a sister, other relative or close friend, to donate eggs to you. Or to choose an egg donor through an egg donor agency, fertility center or frozen egg bank. Most egg donors through agencies and databases prefer to be anonymous. But some will allow contact from the child conceived with their eggs.


    Anika Mendez thank you for such an inspirational post. Salute to your friend who faced failures many times. But still, she did not lose the hope. She tried again and again till the end. You did a great job by sharing her story here. This story will definitely give hope to somebody. Much grateful once more. Will love to see your success story next time.


    Selecting an egg donor is one of the hardest decisions you will ever face. With so many different factors to consider during the donor selection process. It is important to think about what qualities mean the most to you and your partner. When you’re looking through donor profiles try to gain a sense of the donor’s personality. How the donor answers questions such as ‘What is your favorite sport?’ can give you more insight into her personality than whether or not she says soccer or lacrosse. I recommend choosing a donor that you can relate to or feel that you could be friends with. When looking at donor profile after profile. It can be easy to get caught up in finding someone that matches everything on your checklist. Try not to focus too much on one specific trait. Whether that includes height, eye color, ethnicity, Ivy League schools, or additional characteristics. Parents who loosely follow their checklist and select a donor ‘that feels just right’ are typically the happiest in the long run.

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