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  • In general, being able to be an egg donor, it is essential to have a personal interview, psycho-technical tests and a thorough medical evaluation to ensure the good health of the donor.

    Egg donation makes it possible for many women who can not get a pregnancy with their own eggs to get it with the eggs of another woman.

    Any healthy woman who…[Read more]

  • Hello dear friend. I do not have children yet but I do have several small nephews.

    I think you should not take your daughter’s request so seriously. After all, it’s a little girl who wants your attention for a moment. Maybe it’s a whim more that will happen in a few weeks. She has a beautiful name. You should talk to her and explain to her why…[Read more]

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    Hello everyone. I am new to the forum. I found it on the recommendation of a friend and until now I liked it a lot. I was reading some post and it is incredible the support that they give him to be able to solve his situation.

    It is very hard to suffer infertility problems. I have some time trying to conceive but until now I have not had good…[Read more]

  • Hello everyone. Here I bring you the story of a very close friend who asked me to share her experience to be of help to all who are going through the same. She has suffered many fertility problems and as a last resort resorted to the donation of eggs. It was hard for her. But little by little she has been surpassing it with the help of all her…[Read more]

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