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    Anika Mendez

    In general, being able to be an egg donor, it is essential to have a personal interview, psycho-technical tests and a thorough medical evaluation to ensure the good health of the donor.

    Egg donation makes it possible for many women who can not get a pregnancy with their own eggs to get it with the eggs of another woman.

    Any healthy woman who meets the conditions established by the legislation can carry out an egg donation. In this way, egg donors have to meet a series of requirements to ensure that they are in good physical and psychological condition to proceed with the donation. For this, the donor has to pass some tests (gynecology and analytical), an interview with the psychologist of the center and have an age between 18 and 34 years.

    If a donor is accepted by the donation program means that it has passed all tests and is considered suitable for egg donation. The next step will be the medication phase for the ovarian stimulation, and once the ovules are in an optimum state of maturation, the ovarian donor will be punctured.

    Egg donation is a simple intervention of short duration (20 minutes) that presents minimal complications.
    Before beginning the process, the donor is informed in detail about the treatment, all the details of the process and its possible side effects. All donors must sign a consent document before starting treatment.

    The processes vary according to the clinic that does it and the country where it is located.


    Thank you so much for sharing such insightful information. However it could have been better if you shed light on its pros and cons. More of so the cons. Unpleasant side effects are frequently experienced such as headaches, cramping and bloating, mood swings, temporary weight gain, nausea and vomiting, bruising and pain at the site of the injections, and tender breasts. An adverse reaction to the general anesthesia, or an infection which is severe or left untreated, could also cause death. With egg donation, there is the possibility that the ovary could twist and cut off its own blood supply (torsion). This occurrence could cause the loss of an ovary. If ovarian hyper stimulation becomes uncontrollable and excessive, one or both ovaries could need to be removed. Although further studies are needed, medical reports indicate links between fertility medications and ovarian and breast cancer.


    Hey. I can understand your pain. But this happens sometimes. I had 3 miscarriages in a row. I was so confused and depressed. I felt like I have nothing left in my life. Surrogacy was my last hope. I somehow convinced my husband for it. So we went for surrogacy. Now I a, a happy mother. Hope this would work for someone else like who lost all he hopes.

    Sasha James

    Hey there Anika. how are you doing? I hope you are doing great. This is a great post. I am glad that you made this. It’s very insightful. It can answer a lot of question. It can help many people. People who are interested in surrogacy or egg donation. It is a very selfless thing to do. To help someone in need. Is simply great. I wish a lot of people learn from it. I hope people support it too. I wish you good luck.


    It is a really informative piece of writing. Egg donation is an important element in the assisted conception. The natural conception requires the fertilization of healthy eggs from the women and equally healthy sperms from the male. In many females the eggs are either not very good or they are not sufficient in number to complete the fertilization. This deficiency is overcome by the assistance of another woman with the healthy eggs. This woman is refered as the egg donor. This complete process is called the egg donation. The egg donation is usually effective in case of the IVF. The donated eggs are fertilized with the sperms in a laboratory. Once the zygote starts building up it is transfered in the mother’s womb. Through this piece of writing it has become really easy to get an insight. It is like a synopsis of the whole procedure for those who are trying to go for IVF with the donated eggs. It is a procedure that involves the humanistic aspect. The egg donor gifts the best part of her reproductive system for the happiness of those who are left with nothing. Egg donation is the aid for happiness.


    Hi,Hope you doing good.In the fertility screening process, the ovaries of the egg donor will be examined for their ability to produce eggs. This is typically conducted via a physical and pelvic examination, as well as through various blood tests.Hope this helped you. Much support to you

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