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    Hi all. Recently I’ve joined the community to get some useful information from other IP’s experience. I’m going to become a mom through surrogacy as it’s the only way possible with my condition. For financial reasons, I pursue surrogacy in Ukraine. So far so good but it would be nice to know I’m not the only one in the boat. Your experience is much appreciated if any. My SM is now 20 week pregnant and feeling ok. She says my boy would be a football player lol. Please feel free to PM me if you don’t want to post here.



    @astrid I’m in that very boat. A surrogate is 16 weeks now and I’m looking to know baby’s gender when she has her next scan. I decided for Ukraine when found our India banned surrogacy. We didn’t expect that and didn’t have any backup plan. It took us more than a year to choose an alternative and here we are. My husband made a research though and it was not that easy thing to do. We decided to be picky which was right I assume



    Hey there. I don’t have personal experience with surrogacy in Ukraine as we’re currently doing it in Georgia. Nevertheless, we are planning kind of a sibling journey and this time this is going to be Ukraine. Not that we are totally unhappy with what we have here but the exit process and some other points would be easier to perform in Ukraine, let alone the timeframes. It’s 34 weeks now, so we’re expecting our twins every moment as they tend to make appearance earlier than the due date.



    Hi Ukrainian buddy. I’m in Kiev waiting for my bub’s passport to be issued.
    Previously, I had 8 IVF cycles resulted in negative or miscarriages. My own pregnancies never reached 8th week and I just gave up as it never worked. Then it was obvious, only surrogacy can be an option as well as the last resort. I then found that Ukraine can be a great choice because of legal transparency and low cost, so husband and I we started to research googling agencies and emailing them about everything. That’s how we got here. May I ask you which agency/clinic are you with?



    yes, Miranda, I heard about India but only it’s already banned. I for one thought about Georgia for some time but final decision was Ukraine.
    You must be excited yeah? Just a month ago I was told I would have a son. My husband was over the moon just like me.
    What is your clinic? Is everything okay? Are you satisfied with them? Would be grateful to get information about your surrogacy treatment.



    Me too, Mamma, was thinking about NLG agency but just changed my mind. Which clinic are you with? Are you satisfied in general? For me the most important was to find a guarantee package and this is I chose my clinic. This make me more confident in the outcome. Knowing there’s no need to pay for each additional attempt in case of failed transfer, is comfortable. However, I know that not everyone needs this feeling okay to pay per attempt



    Congratulations on your baby hope4ever! Woohoo! At the same time I’m very sorry you’ve experienced so many losses before. I can’t imagine how it feels to lose a baby.
    Agree with you re legal part of the issue. When I was looking for interantional surrogacy, this was the main factor. I wouldn’t do altruistic surrogacy, because I believe that surrogacy should be compensated. And if a surrogate can keep a baby, I wouldn’t agree as it’s too risky.
    I’m with BTC and you?



    Ladies! according to dates of your messages it’s been quite a while, still hope you’ll see my message – my husband and i are coming thought the same process right now, Ukraine like our the last resort, what agencies have you choose and why? what was your criteria?



    Lilly, we used the International Fertility Group. Their representative in the USA, who helped us o lot with everything. We really like it. The clinic is amazing, so professionally, kind. They have a huge database on Surrogates. I think we are lucky. Let me know if you need contact information.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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