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    Hi dear, Im sure you are doing well. It feels great to see people are fighting against this curse. Infertility is definitely not easy to overcome. Many people are badly affected by this disease. Im sure your post will help people. We need to spread awareness regarding infertility. People must know that there are treatments like Surrogacy which is…[Read more]

  • Hi Dear Im sure you are well. Im so sorry for your diagnosis. Definitely, infertility is a curse. We all should pray to be safe from this curse. Infertility is affecting the lives of so many people. People are going through a lot. I think there should be awareness campaigns regarding infertility. When i was diagnosed with Infertility, It was very…[Read more]

  • Hi Im sure you are well, Im good as well. I second you though. The thread is very good. It feels great to read about success stories. Its very inspiring for the people as well. I Many women are fighting against this curse. And they give up on their dreams and happiness. I just wish and pray that people pull through this situation if anyone is…[Read more]

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    Hello there! Please share more information about the surrogacy as i want to know more about the clinics related to this. I was searching for surrogacy in clinics and i visited many but someone told about the lotus that its good one and i contacted them. I sent them many emails and even called them i was very upset that they are not even replying…[Read more]

  • Hello, everyone, i hope everyone is doing good. I am worried because of the infertility problem of mine. I was searching for best clinics for surrogacy but didn’t find anyone but yet got to know about one which my friend told Adonis. but they are very irresponsible that they even didn’t bother that i sent them many emails and messages but i got no…[Read more]

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    The people at Adonis are truly tricks. We had the most noticeably bad involvement with them. My sister is infertile. She attempted a ton of techniques. Be that as it may, none of them truly worked for us. She thought to try surrogacy out. She reached Adonis for this. Furthermore, dear God, they just wouldn’t react. After in excess of twelve…[Read more]

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    hey there.it is so astonishing to peruse your cheerful story. I trust each lady ought to have the chance to have babies, regardless of whether themselves or through surrogacy. Surrogacy has extremely made live less demanding for a considerable measure of couples having barrenness issues. A pleasant surrogacy encounter improves everything much. I…[Read more]

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