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    Dear, I am really very sorry for your problems. It was really hard for you. Don’t lose hope. I will suggest you not to take these things to your heart. Be positive. Don’t lose hope. Always hope for the best. I know it was hard to deal with such worst clinics. It really doesn’t mean only worst clinics exist. There is some good clinic that exists also. You should go there. It will be the best decision in your life. Difficulties in your journey make your destination beautiful. Wish you very good luck with that. Baby dust to you

    emma joe

    Hello My Dear EmmaJames, Hope you are doing well and living like a healthy person. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your story with us. This is true that some of the clinic for the IVF and surrogacy are just playing games with the patients. They did not response well. Lotus is the clinic that is a scam. They are wasting the time and money of the people. They are just a shit nothing else. I have wasted my money and time by this scam clinic. They act like professional but always failed in the IVF. I hated them. These clinics must be ban. Don’t go to Lotus clinic at any condition. So at the end. I would like to say something to those women who are facing infertility. They should visit the Ukraine clinic Bio_Tex_Com. Best wishes for you. My love is always with you.


    The people at Adonis are truly tricks. We had the most noticeably bad involvement with them. My sister is infertile. She attempted a ton of techniques. Be that as it may, none of them truly worked for us. She thought to try surrogacy out. She reached Adonis for this. Furthermore, dear God, they just wouldn’t react. After in excess of twelve messages, they connected with her. She made her underlying installments as well. Furthermore, when she went to their centers, they denied her case. They denied taking cash from her as well. Remain mindful!


    Hi there. Hope you are doing fine. I am so sorry to hear what you have been through. It must have been difficult to cope with. My sister had problems with conceiving. She was told to go for surrogacy. So she contacted various clinics, and at the end she contacted a clinic named Adonis. She contacted them by sending her an email. They made her wait for days, without replying back. She was so disappointed. I hope everyone stays away from them. And don’t lose hope in surrogacy. It is an amazing procedure specially for infertile couples. I wish you best of luck. and don’t lose hope, stay strong.


    I came to know about a clinic Adinos clinic. I contacted the clinic. But the clinic didn’t responded.
    I mailed them again and again. But the clinic didn’t responded for a single time.
    So be aware of such clinics. These clinics are just here to make money.
    They won’t help someone. Instead of such time wasters look for some clinics. Always research about good clinics.
    Then contact a good clinic. Otherwise you will just waaste your time.
    I was from Japan. I had hysterectomy cancer. Due to which i was infertile. So i decided i will go for surrogacy. But our first experience was very bad with that clinic. Soon we will start looking for some other good clinic.


    hey there. I am so sorry for what you have been through. These clinics are running shams. I am just shocked at this. Thank you for sharing this. We should be wary of these clinics. All this is just giving surrogacy a bad name. I know of so many people who would be more than willing to opt for it. However, because of this, they are skeptical. We should all make others aware of these scams.
    Do not think this is the end of the road. This is just one bad experience. There are so many better clinics around. Try contacting them. And read through these forums. Best wishes and love for you.

    Dakota Quinn

    Hello dear. This is so sad and frustrating. I can only imagine what you might have been through. It is such a poor attitude and behavior. Expecting this from professional clinics is just Annoying. I have been contacting L**** clinic for a week now. I do not know if their email is incorrect, or what. I have not received any reply. It is very disappointing. However, i think it is best you look elsewhere. Time is precious, do not waste it on them. Do not think of this as the last resort. There are so many good clinics around. This is their loss. Stay focused and positive.

    Amanda Kalvoska

    Hello Emma. Hope you fine. I fell sad to hear about your infertility. And i am feeling sorry for you. Sad to hear that u lost your hope of life. I agree with you. lotus and adonis these two clinics are fraud. They are not actually working with IVF and Surrogacy. Me also emailed them 4 times for my friend but didn’t got any reply. But. You should not lose your hope. You should contact to other one in Ukraine. They replied me within hours. They are pretty goof in IVF treatment. Me friend went to them. They treated her. And now she have a baby. Hope this will help you a lot. Take care.


    Hey emma, I am sorry to hear about your loss. I can relate to your suffering. I had faced 2 abortions due to ectopic pregnancies. I know how difficult it is to loose a baby that has lived in your womb. I am getting treatment since then but nothing worked. My DH got hopeless at one point and asked me to adopt a child. Being an adopted child I have seen my parents’ urge to have a biological baby. Seeing them in pain genuinely developed this thing in me that I want to have a biological kid. so I asked my DH to give surrogacy one last chance and he agreed. We started looking for reliable clinics in Ireland as we live there. A friend suggested us to consider the same clinic you went to. Though it is in Ukraine but we still agreed as visa process is quite easy for Ukraine. We emailed A****s clinic many times but got no response. I even called them and they said that they will get back to me but they never did. They have no professional values and their communication channel literally sucks.


    Dear emma,I am very sorry for what happened with you.I can understand your pain.I have been married for 5 years i have 3 miscarriages.We had lost hope especially my last miscarriage i fell from the stairs and lost my child.It was a difficult task.But my husband supported me through all this.We searched for options and came to know about surrogacy.A friend of ours told us about this clinic A****s in ukraine.As we are from York,Uk we could visit ukraine,so we emailed them.But we were shocked on their reply.we told them about our problem and where we are from.Instead of sharing info and guiding us they stopped emailing us.We even called them on their number but they didn’t pick it up.We kept on mailing them for weeks.And when they replied back they refused to share info on email and asked us to visit them in Ukraine.we are disappointed from their unprofessional behavior.


    Hello there! My name is Linnea Lopez. I’m 24 years old and married happily. My friend is suffering from the bad diseases. Doctors advice him to take a treatment from good surrogacy center. She can lose the hope. But, i give satisfaction to her. Then, we can find the clinic in our home town. There is no surrogacy center. We feel very sad because we cannot find the good center for the treatment. Then, i hear by someone that there is an L***s clinic. Then, we sent the different emails to know them, that we are very tens. But our emails cannot achieve the attention of the staff. Then, we become very disheart. Now we are searching the good clinic for the better treatment. Please help us to find the clinic or surrogacy center.


    After persuading my husband for surrogacy. Then it came to choosing a clinic. There are many clinics for surrogacy. But there are also some clinics which are there to make money. Adinos is an example of such clinic. I contacted the clinic. First the clinic didn’t replied. After 3 weeks they replied. And they replied in a very unprofessional way. I asked about surrogacy and replied something else. A clinic should be professional in its treatments. I had a bad review for this clinic. Be careful while choosing a clinic. Choose a good clinic. Don’t waste your time on such clinics.


    Hi there! Hope you are doing well. I just read sad experience of yours. I am really sorry for you. I am also infertile. My friend told me about L***s in Ukraine. I continuously emailed the clinic but they didn’t replied me for about two weeks. Now I am looking for another clinic there. Don’t take the stress. Nothing is impossible. All will be fine. We just have to handle the situation calmly. It seems that all is ending and there is nothing left. But trust me God has written something better for us. Hope everything goes fine. Wish you best of luck.

    Felicia Saz

    Hey. How are you doing? Sorry to hear about your experience with this clinic. You are no the only one. A lot of people are talking about this.T hey are really unprofessional. Noone deserves to be treated this way. I hope people see this review and save themselves from having a similar experience. Dong worry girl. I hope you find a good clinic soon. Stay hopeful.

    Felicia Saz

    Hey. How are you doing? Sorry to hear about your experience with this clinic. You are no the only one. A lot of people are talking about this.T hey are really unprofessional. Noone deserves to be treated this way. I hope people see this review and save themselves from having a similar experience. Dong worry girl. I hope you find a good clinic soon. Stay hopeful. Good luck.

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