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    Infertility has ruined my married life. I was TTC for 17 years. But i never conceived. I had a number of complications while getting pregnant. I was trying very hard to be pregnant. But i never succeed. After 16 years of TTC. I conceived for the first time. But i miscarried at 6th week. Then again i was pregnant for 2 more times. But again i miscarried. My husband left me. I was in a great depression. i quit my job and lost everything. Now i am married for the second time. Now i am going for surrogacy to have a baby. I have contacted a clinic and soon i will go to the clinic start my surrogacy.

    Alice Blake

    Hello there. So sorry for what you went through. I am infertile too. I was hopeless and completely depressed. I had nothing in my life. I felt so lonely. I felt like being infertile was my own fault. Thank God, I got to know about this clinic. I was so happy when i found it. I then had my surrogacy there. I have a beautiful child now. And I have a complete family. I feel so blessed. Good luck to everyone.


    Hello there! Please share more information about the surrogacy as i want to know more about the clinics related to this. I was searching for surrogacy in clinics and i visited many but someone told about the lotus that its good one and i contacted them. I sent them many emails and even called them i was very upset that they are not even replying my just anyone email. If they are so lazy in giving a reply then how they will be in their work and after this i am more tensed about my problem and finding anyone with whom i can be satisfied at least with their work.


    Surrogacy allows those who cannot have children to create a family. Surrogacy in most cases is a choice made by mothers. This decision is an expression their free will. Banning surrogacy may be considered against women’s empowerment as it would suggest women cannot decide by themselves what is good for them. The money earned with surrogacy allows women with financial problems to improve their lives. There are many examples in which surrogates develop a close relation with the child and their parents. Surrogacy is often less traumatic than fertility treatments and can replace them when they fail. As for many things, it is close to impossible to make surrogacy illegal on the global scale, which means that making it illegal in one country will not achieve much, as long as some other countries allow foreign couples to pay for surrogacy. Fertility is going down in developed countries, and there are not enough children for adoption. This means that more and more couples who want children will need to use assistive reproduction technology, or surrogacy when ART is not possible.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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