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    Hey there, how are you all? I hope you all are doing great. Infertility is a sick disease. It has destroyed so many dreams. I am looking for a great advice. What should I choose between adoption and surrogacy? Thanks and hoping best replies.


    Hey! This question seems to be very popular. It’s always a big debate. I think if you”re tied between the two, there’s obviously a part of you that aches for a baby that’s biologically yours. I say the cost is almost the same, so go for surrogacy. You’ll be much happier. Good luck with it!


    Hello! This inquiry is by all accounts extremely famous. It’s dependably a major discussion. I think on the off chance that you’re tied between the two, there’s clearly a piece of you that wants an infant that is naturally yours. I say the cost is nearly the same, so go for surrogacy. You’ll be considerably more joyful. Good fortunes with it!

    Sarah Williams

    Hello Kelly! Well, did you try considering assisted procedures? I mean that’s also a choice. But, still, secondly! Would advise you to go for surrogacy, if you can afford. Stats show that couple who undergo surrogacy as compared to adoption are more satisfied and successful with the reason of it. Anyway! That’s your choice. I hope you find a more solution oriented way out.

    Chloe Mag

    Hi Kelly, How are you doing. Indeed infertility is a big curse and fighting infertility is a tough job for mind as well as body. But thanks to some modern techniques and methods, there is a hope for everyone. Since you asked about adoption vs surrogacy, I will tell you the salient features of both and leave the decision for you to make. It is a game of circumstances. Otherwise, none is better than the other. Adoption is the test of your motherly emotions and selflessness. If you have a heart big enough to hug another baby as your own then go for it. Though the process might prove long, it takes minimum money to adopt a baby. On the other hand, surrogacy is a very expensive procedure but you have a child who is genetically linked to one or both of you. That makes it easier to develop a bond with the baby. Surrogacy journey will also take about a year and a half to complete. Then this option should be considered in the light of society’s view. The ethical and moral issues might make it difficult but if you are ready to brush them off then it will be a great option. The end decision is always yours!

    Polina Delany

    Hello Kelly! Well, you just came up with a very much asked question. My personal and competent advice to you on this matter will be that why not to go for surrogacy? I mean why still avoid the option of having a child of your own. Still, if you can. So, that’s all? Anyway! I think surrogacy is really a fine option. I’ve seen so many women having their lives changed through it. So, yeah! Adoption is really a difficult one as compare to that. But, still see your affordability too. But, if you can. So, why not?


    Hey Kelly, how are you? Hope you are doing okay. Infertility is a painful disease. People are looking for other options. The question you asked seemed very popular. I have read many posts regarding this question. Surrogacy and adoption, both have their own positive points. Some prefer adoption and some surrogacy. In my opinion surrogacy is the better options. At least, child belongs to you genetically. Adopted child can leave you at any time but your own child can’t. Surrogacy process is also very simple. Many couples succeeded in this treatment. Also the charges are affordable. I hope you will make the right decision. Good luck

    Amelia Char

    Hey there, how are you? I hope you are doing fine. This is a great post and I really liked your attitude. All you need to stay positive and strong. This is going to be a great trip for you. Infertility is a sick disease and has destroyed so many dreams. I am infertile and can’t conceive a baby naturally. My fallopian tubes got badly damaged. It led me to lifetime infertility. Thanks to these forums I came to know about the surrogacy. Surrogacy is a great choice. It has been one of the best procedure. We had our first surrogacy from Ukraine. We are waiting for the results. Thanks and hoping best for you.


    Hey! I have nothing against adoption. If you love children you will love adopted child too. But well, the thing is that why not to go for surrogacy if you have the option? I mean why still avoid the option of having a child of your own. Still, if you can. So, that’s all? Anyway! I think surrogacy is really a fine option. I’ve seen so many women having their lives changed through it. So, yeah! Adoption is really a difficult one as compare to that. But, still see your affordability too. I am also in the middle of the surrogacy procedure. My husband wanted a child that was his. So we did it. Our baby will be here in October. Things are going great so far!

    Sarah hazal

    Hi Dear, Im really sad to hear about the diagnosis. Infertility is getting common these days, unfortunately. Everyone has their own perspective regarding there experiences. I think surrogacy is a lot better than adoption. As you have an option of having your own baby despite the fact that you are infertile. But stay cautious and aware of some clinics that are a scam. Because of them a lot of people are suffering til now. L***s is one of them.

    Jess bling

    Kelly, stop worrying. Start making decisions already. You should keep in mind the pros and cons of both things. I went for surrogacy because it was a better option for me. Otherwise, you can also opt for IVF. That depends on your condition. It was a good decision. The doctors helped me very well in every step. I was super cautious with the surrogate. I know I annoyed her too much. But she went through it with courage. The clinic had a good environment. It was totally according to my standard. The way I want everything hygienic and aromatic. It is one famous place for infertile couples.


    Infertility is the worst nightmare for a married woman. Infertility destroys all the dreams of a couple of completing their family. I have been through this i know how it feels to be infertile. When you sit among your friends without a child in your arms how it feels. When you go to visit your family how it feels without a child. I have been through this and i know how it feels. To get rid of this infertility we decided to go for surrogacy. I researched about it a lot. I decided it was the best solution to my problem.


    You are right Kelly. Infertility is such a curse. It has killed many dreams of people. Good thing is that now there are solutions available. There are many ways to deal with this curse. For that, it is important that one consult the best clinic. All the best everyone for the future. Good luck all.

    Jessica fields

    It depends on you. If you consider surrogacy an acceptable treatment then go for it. Also, check with the place you live in. If adoption is easy then you can adopt. Though if it takes time then surrogacy would be a good choice. Also, you can have a newborn with the help of surrogacy. Adoption does not guarantee this one thing. Ask your husband what he wishes to have. Another thing, consider the costs for both before making a decision. Surrogacy can be affordable if a right clinic is chosen. Like I chose an affordable clinic. They have different packages. I had an option to select the one which suits me. Just let me know whatever you decide.


    I am extremely sorry to hear this. I know it is never easy to face all this, I know you are in great pain. I am happy you found the right place to ask the opinion. Well, I am not in favour of adoption. You will not be able to accept the child from the heart. I think surrogacy would work. But you have to choose the right clinic. I hope the best for you.

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