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    Amelia Char

    Hey there, how are you all? I hope you all are doing fine. I am very thankful to you guys. I was confused between adoption and surrogacy. Thanks for giving me information on surrogacy. This forum has always helped in many ways. Choosing a clinic for such a procedure is very important. One bad decision and everything is over for you. I have been reading posts of fake clinics. My partner and I decided to move to Ukraine for the traditional surrogacy. We are now waiting for the results. I hope everything will be fine. Thanks and hoping best for everyone. Kindly pray for us.


    Hi there, how are you? You are right. a wrong decision changes one’s life. it also happened with me. I am an infertile. The reason of my infertility is mitral stenosis. It is a kind of heart problem. When i knew about this, it was too late. Doctors told us that we should have to try IVF or surrogacy. We tried IVf but failed. Than a colleague of mine recommended A****s clinic to us for surrogacy. We were afraid. We didn’t want to have a bad experience. But on my colleague’s recommendation. we decided to give it a try. we contacted them via email They ensured us about the treatment and asked us to visit the clinic. we were very happy after hearing positive response. We had high hopes. But when we visited the clinic, we realized their scam. they don’t have the facilities and trained doctors.


    I appreciate your decision!! I’m also very much satisfied on this forum. Members are very corporative. Well, glad to know you are going for surrogacy. But can you mention which clinic you’ve opted for surrogacy? There is some clinic which is just scamming peoples. Make sure the clinic is providing a success guarantee. All the best for the further procedure. Keep us updated about your experience!!

    Sarah hazal

    Hi there, Im sure you are well. Im so happy that you guys are getting awareness through these forums. And people are actually making good decisions after discussing their opinions on the forums. That just helps people getting aware of which are clinics are worth visiting and which are not. And one must share their bad experiences as well that just helps people choosing the right clinic. I have been reading a lot of posts and comments regarding this clinic L***S. And my friend too had faced some serious issues with this clinic. When she visited them to consult for IVF. Her experience was seriously disappointing. I request people to refrain from going to such clinics. As obviously our money and time both matters. But for the clinic, it’s no big deal for them.

    Farah Smith

    Thanks, Amelia, we are always here for your help. Surrogacy is indeed a great blessing of science. It is like the last hope for infertile couples. But it requires a lot of care and responsibility, so choosing a prominent clinic is very important. Good luck with your results honey. You are going to be an amazing mother. God bless you.

    cardi c

    hello dear
    hope you are enjoying good health.
    I have heard so many reviews about A****s. I think it is a complete fraud. because it does not work is not my own is the review of many people those becoming the victim of this clinic. I think it is a worst reputed clinic. I also happy to hear that you guys are aware of this fraud through this is quite a good thing. I request people to refrain from going to such clinics. As obviously our money and time both matters. Keep us updated about your experience.I pray for you. please do not worry.


    Hey Amelia. I hope you’re doing well. This forum is just for mothers. And if we don’t support each other who will? I’m glad surrogacy has been able to help you. Take care honey. Much love.


    This is upsetting. Fertility clinics are supposed to efficient. I have found it so odd for behaving in this manner. Our lives depend on their action. So they should be sincere with us. Consultancy is needed which is offered by a good clinic. It’s the matter of urgency and should be handled carefully.


    That’s wonderful information. You have shared a very beautiful surrogacy journey with us. Choosing the best clinic is very important. You have taken the right path for your treatments. That’s why it is successful. Wish you good luck with that. I will definitely pray for your happiness.

    Sarah Williams

    Whenever I get to see such amazing posts. It really makes me so happy. Just because if someone’s family gets completed or anyhow they get a way around of some problem, they are facing and it gets way out or solution. By the people around, makes my faith restored in humanity. Anyway! Stay blessed darling! Sending you baby dust. I hope you become a mother soon as possible. Baby dust to your surrogate. Best wishes. 🙂 Take care! Let us know the updates with your case. It’s really a great way, I feel.

    Chloe Mag

    Hi there, This gives me hope that others will not be duped by the clinics as once I was. It is good that you collected the information about the process and agencies before you started to try them out. I was in a hurry and I chose the first one I came across. And it was a disaster with a capital D. But then I made it my mission to help people who are also on a lookout for good clinics and try to warn them about the scammers. I send the best wishes for your future.

    Polina Delany

    Finally! that’s really a wonderful news to hear. I’m glad you’re opting for it. Best of luck! I hope things work out in your favor. It’s really an amazing procedure, I feel. Ukrainian centers are among the best. I’m glad for you. Keep going! Keep us updated. I’d love to know the details. I’m also going in a week or two to Kiev for my process, let me know if you’re there. Would love to get along? Stay blessed! xx

    Lauren Rhoades

    Hello, Amelia. I’m glad you know about this before starting your journey. I made the mistake of rushing into a decision. I chose a clinic named Lot**. It was a terrible decision on my part. I suffered due to it. Good luck to you, though. I hope you have a great experience!

    Jess bling

    I can only hope that you went to the right clinic later. This forum has helped me too. I do not know if traditional will be a better option for anyone. Good luck though. Share the news as well. Will be waiting to know more from you. May the odds be in your favor.


    Hey. I was confused between the two as well. Until some friends and family suggested going for alternative procedures than adoption. I mean an adoption is a wonderful act. But it won’t fill the hole of infertility inside us until we get our own biological child. I mean there is no harm in trying at least right? So if god forbid, we fail, we will still have an option of adoption. Which is equally amazing. I suggest going for surrogacy at least once so you won’t regret not having your own genes around. I hope you get my point. In the end, the decision is yours of course. We can only suggest. Good luck. I wish you all the happiness.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)
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