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    Oh my god!! that is so amazing. this is truly inspiring.! I myself am a 29 years old woman and still single. 2 few years ago, i had a very close friend who had been married for 7 years, but had issues with pregnancy. So when they opted for the option for surrogacy everyone was happy for them.

    It wasn’t until they told me that they wanted me to be their surrogate, as they trusted me a lot. I was beyond happy. Obviously scared too. But when we started to going through all the process, did it make me confident. It did help them to save thousands of dollars, and as being a single woman it was easy for me handle everything, financially too. But my friend was always their by my side.

    Never leaving anything to me alone. When he baby did arrive they had a boy, and they were more than just happy. I gave natural birth through which, my friends were by my side. Now their baby boy is 2 years old, and no doubt God has blessed them with a beautiful child.


    Julia Christine

    Hey Dear! Hope so you are doing well. Your work is quite amazing and inspiring. It impressed me a lot. You have fulfilled the right of your brother. Surrogate mothers are really a blessing. It’s really great as you are helping needy people. Pregnancy really takes a lot from a woman. So, taking so much pain for the others is beneficent. I have heard many people saying odd about surrogacy. But they don’t have any idea about the advantages of surrogacy. I think the government should spread awareness about the surrogacy. Then, it would be possible for every infertile couple to conceive a child. Everyone should pay great respect to the surrogate mothers. They play with their lives for someone.
    My sympathies



    Your brother must be proud of you. You are a strong lady indeed. That’s so kind to be helpful to others especially in this way. You can’t even imagine what you bring in others life by giving them a child. No wonder, you must be a gift to others. You must be master in this. You are blessed and filled with fertility. You are doing a kind deed to sharing your fertility for others. I have 3 child and my husband wants one more. But I am not in stage to go to another hell like trip of pregnancy so convincing him for surrogated baby. I‘ll surely let you know about it.



    Hi there. That is remarkable. 10 babies. You might be going for some sort of a record lol. Jokes apart, I think it is great how you are trying to help others. Not being able to have a child is a depressing thought. Happy to know that there is a way out. your post will help all those women who want to go for surrogacy and are looking for a surrogate mother.


    Mrs Mcguill

    Wow, this is so amazing. This is the first time I have come across a post like this. I hope you get rewarded with happiness for this. What you are doing is not an easy task. All the changes to your physical and mental state are really challenging. It is a painful 9 months. There are hormonal changes. Yet, you managed to go through 6 pregnancies. You must be really proud of yourself. Thank you for doing this. You are spreading so much happiness. There are negative views against surrogacy. People think it is unnatural. But they do not realize how happy it can make a couple. I hope more people could know about the positive side.



    Hi there! how are you doing? I hope you are doing fine. That is so nice of you. You are so brave. It really takes a lot for a person going through pregnancy. You are such a kind-hearted woman. Lots of love. God bless You.



    Having gone through the whole surrogacy process, I feel as if I have some insight to give to people who may be looking for some closure. I will say however that this just me sharing my experience and not medical advice so take it only as that. Here goes… so when I got married, my husband and I tried for two years to have a baby but we were coming up short. We tried hormone treatments and all that but nothing seemed to be working. Later, after a few trips to the doctor’s office and extensive tests, I learned that I was unable to have children. As devastating as that was, my husband’s love and my own personal resolve kinda pushed me to get past this and I kept on looking for ways to have a child of my own. Surrogacy then came about as the logical solution and then came more tests. As difficult as the process of taking my eggs out was, coming to terms with the fact that another woman was going to give birth to my child. The doctors at the clinic really helped with that. They helped me calm down and not be as manic. Now I have my beautiful child. I can say that it was worth it. I love her more than anything. Hope this helped



    Wow, you are doing a great job. This is so thoughtful of you. Thanks for the lovely post. People are scared of it mostly. Most of the times due to seeing cases like Baby M. It doesn’t happen all the time. Strict contracts are being signed between the two parties these days. The main key is finding a reliable surrogate. You cant really trust anyone with your baby. I would prefer a relative to be my surrogate. In that way, I would have more trust over my surrogate. I hope you are getting my point. People really don’t have to be scared. the clinics are taking care of this issue these days. It’s completely safe.



    I am happy to know that people like you exist. It is great that you have helped your brother. It is the inspirational thing to do. All family members must be cooperative like your family. Much love and respect to your way.



    Hi there. How are you doing? I hope you are doing fine. We are doing good. I read your post. Wow, You are so brave. Hats off to you. Such an amazing decision. That is so nice of you. I wish we had more people like you. I think surrogacy is a wonderful method. Surrogates are angels. I hope all goes well for you. Take care. God bless.



    Hello there. Hope you’re good. I’m 24 years old n married one year ago. After few months ago Doctors told me that i’m Infertile, because of heart diseases. Then, I’m very sad at the time, but my husband can support me very well. Then, I hear that Adonis clinic is near to my Street. Then, I go to Adonis clinic. The peoples of the staff is very unfriendly. They cannot pay attention to my problem and check up. The structure and the apartments of the clinic is also very dirty. Their clinic also don’t have a specified security and their is nothing is safe at night. We see that some thiefs can make the plan of the robery tonight. Their apartments are horror. They cannot pay attention to clean it. Adonis clinic is very rudd from the attitude of their persons. They cannot wash their hands after visit the some patients and diseases spread in all peoples. I’m really disappointed by the act of this clinic. We think that this is good for me, but this is so bad.



    I hope you are doing well. Glad to see your post here. Your story has inspired me so much. You’ve made such a great sacrifice for your brother. Surrogate mothers really deserve appreciation. They offer their wombs selflessly to the infertile ones. Even in your case, you’ve paid the right of your brother. It has really filled my eyes with tears. Surrogacy is getting common among individuals nowadays. This is due to its high success rates. Well, local surrogates may give you a child but its always risky. So, it’s always better to choose some good clinic. A prominent clinic in Europe is offering surrogacy treatment with a guarantee. I must say that you’d go for it. Wishing you all the best!



    Hi Milan. How are you doing? Hope so you are doing fine. Well, this is really a very good news. You are really a very great lady. Becoming a surrogate mother is not an easy thing. But I am glad that you did not give up on yourself. So glad that you helped your brother to have a baby. This is just beautiful. Surrogacy is indeed a beautiful procedure. Wish you best of luck for ahead. Sending you positive vibes.



    hey Milan. It’s a good example of strengthening the relations. This is the first post that I ever read since my joining. Well I don’t have sufficient knowledge about this matter. You can get better answers if you consult your queries with some experts. You can also consult it with Anastasia. She is coming on 18 91th of August. She is leading the open house fair in London. If you find their packages helpful then you may sign a contract there. May be some sort of discount are there. Next decision is yours. I am not forcing you to attend the open house fair. I was saying because this may enhance your knowledge regarding to surrogacy process. It is said by our forefathers that knowledge is like a thing which you may get from everywhere. Not a single restriction is there to achieve.



    I am really impressed by you. Surrogate mothers are doing a great job. Giving happiness to those who don’t have other options to have a child. Surrogacy is a blessing nowadays. Surrogate mothers play a very important role in dealing with surrogacy treatments. Many clinics are helping people to achieve their dreams. I am glad that such a thing happens in real. You are doing a great job. Not only doing for your brother. You are also helping others through independent surrogacy. I am really motivated by you. I am also infertile. I am having my IVF treatment from a good clinic. They treated me very well. Need your prayers

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