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    hello Millan. It is really a critical issue. should be handled with some extra effort. Definitely, I shall help if I knew much about it. but bad luck is I didn’t know what I should say to you. I can give you a contact. A clinic is arranging an open house especially for infertile like us. I am planning to go there. If I wouldn’t like their economy packages then I will not sign my agreement. But I can ask answers to my questions. This is the benefit. You can enrich your brain power with such a splendid and outstanding knowledge source. Don’t forget to pin 18 19th of August on your calendar. Next, it depends on your mood. See you soon with your stories in London.


    lisa grey

    I just read your story. I am very glad to know about your fertility. You are doing the best job. No one gives happiness to others in today’s world but you are. You are really a proud mother and a good surrogate mother. You did a very good job for your brother and for others. You are doing a good job for infertile women. I suggest every infertile woman visit a clinic in Europe. They are very good in both IVF and surrogacy. And the best news is that their team is coming to the UK on the 18-19 of August. Please visit them and ask about your problems.



    Yes, you are a god gifted woman. Being a parent is a blessing. And I have read your post. You are doing a great job. You are the reason behind the smiles of many couples. God gave you the best thing that is fertility to help others. You look strong and brave. May God help you more. If there is any problem, I recommend you to contact a clinic in Europe. Their services are really good. They are giving the best results. Their clinic name is neither lotus nor Adonis. They are providing the best services.


    Luna John

    Hey Milan! Hope so you will be fine. I just read your post. I really appreciate your success. I think you should consult some clinic in Europe. I heard so many great reviews about them. Even I have a baby through surrogacy. I went to a clinic in Europe. They provided me with a surrogate. So I think you should contact some well-reputed clinic. In this way, people would get some ease while finding surrogate. And I hope you will keep helping people. My love and support to you.


    Sara Alston

    Hi Milan. How are you doing? Hope so you are doing fine. Well, this is really a good news. I think you should become surrogate for your gay brother. This is really a good deed. I appreciate your willingness. This is really a great deed. Becoming a surrogate for six children is not an easy thing at all. But I am glad that you did it without any problem. So wish you best of luck for future also.



    The advantages of surrogacy are clear to the hundreds of families who have been created in this special way. Here are just a few surrogacy benefits that intended parents enjoy: Surrogacy allows infertile couples, single people and members of the LGBT community to become parents when they may not be able to have children otherwise. In most cases, gestational surrogacy allows one or both parents to be biologically related to their child. Surrogacy gives hopeful parents the opportunity to raise a child from birth. Intended parents are involved throughout the pregnancy experience and are generally able to be present for many key milestones, from the embryo transfer to their baby’s birth. Surrogacy gives intended parents the opportunity to know and form a special bond with their surrogate and her family. Intended parents may face fewer restrictions with surrogacy than with adoption; those who cannot adopt due to agency restrictions on factors like age can still pursue surrogacy. Surrogates have already carried other pregnancies and have a proven uterus, increasing their chances of successfully carrying a surrogate pregnancy. This may make surrogacy more likely to be successful than fertility treatments for intended parents. Surrogacy gives intended parents more control and peace of mind throughout the pregnancy than they usually have with fertility treatments or adoption.



    Hey there, I just have read your post. It was the great news. Many congratulations. It is a very good job. I think we all should think like that. So many problems will be resolved. There are many infertile people. And after reading your post. They are so much satisfied. I think you should share more information. I also know about the clinics. There in the UK. The best clinics. So keep it up. Best wishes to you.



    Hello Milan, You are such a very strong lady. You have taken a very tough decision. It was not easy. Anyone can think much time before it. It was the tough time for you. I am so much proud of you. There is also best clinics. In the UK. They are very hard working. I think your this post is made others hopeful. It will give ideas. And make them strong too. I appreciate you for it. Wish you very good luck. Stay blessed.



    Your efforts are appreciable. People like you are a role model for others. Humanity is alive just because of you. Really, surrogates are the most selfless creatures. They are performing great services to the humanity. Surrogacy is likewise a great blessing of science. Europe is getting fame day by day in this regard. This is because of the clinics there. I also had successful surrogacy treatment from there. I went to a prominent clinic following the suggestion of my doctor. I had many doubts relating to surrogacy. But their consultation service has inspired me a lot. They cleared all my doubts and provided me with a sound surrogate. All due to their good administration, I’m now a mother. I’ll suggest everyone the same clinic.



    Dear, you must be an expert in this. My sister is expecting her first child. I can’t tell you the hell that she has been through to be pregnant. I can’t imagine what she will have gone through to just have the children. My heartiest congratulation to you for that. My sister has been in a marriage for 12 years and with no kids. She was using FP pills. Never knowing that she was already infertile and have nothing to worry about. So after 3 years, she had a desire of her own child. I can say that her 4 years were miserable. Anyway, that is a story for another day. Your story has really motivated me. I will share it with mine sister. This post has encouraged me. I feel so blessed to be part of this community.


    Julia Christine

    Hey Milan! Your post is quite encouraging. It will develop a kind of spirit in many infertile couples. Surrogacy has proven a successful thing all over the World. People are getting so much help from it. I also have a baby through surrogacy. I was suffering from some heart issues. Later I went to a clinic in Ukraine. They helped me now I have a baby. By the way, Being a surrogate is really great and sacrificing thing. A woman plays with her life just for someone’s happiness. I think all the surrogate deserve a massive respect.



    Dear Milan, this post is old but we are looking for a Gestational carrier for our embryo. Are you available to chat about it?

Viewing 12 posts - 61 through 72 (of 72 total)

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