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    Surrogacy may benefit the intended parents. But it might take an emotional toll on the surrogate. It should be a good experience for both the parties. There are regulatory authorities that offer a sum to the surrogate. They are renting their wombs. But only out of empathy and humanity. This is developing into an industry. It also benefits the…[Read more]

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    I have also read many bad reviews about this clinic. Many people have already shared their experience with that clinic on different forums. That’s really bad. Infertile people are already going through a very rough time. Then they have a bad experience with some bad clinic. It really doesn’t mean there are no good clinics that exist. There is a…[Read more]

  • That’s so nice of you. Sisters are always very caring for each other. Your post shows how much you love your sister. That’s so cute. Dear, there is not any problem in being a surrogate. That’s will help her emotionally and financially. The major with this treatment is cost. The services are a bit expensive. Most of the people can’t afford such…[Read more]

  • I see that Tiffany you have shared quite a view. You need to look into the other perspective. Surrogacy is starting to become a commercial trade. There is a huge risk where people are renting their wombs. Europeans have a benefit against currency; they will approach less expensive treatments within Asian countries. It allows growth in the medical…[Read more]

  • This is an amazing post. Your post touched my heart. It makes me cry. How difficult is it for those who suffer from infertility. I can feel their pain. I am a mother so I can understand how much it will be difficult for them. You have raised such great issues. The best thing is that science has advanced a lot. There are some treatments like IVF…[Read more]

  • Dear, you must be an expert in this. My sister is expecting her first child. I can’t tell you the hell that she has been through to be pregnant. I can’t imagine what she will have gone through to just have the children. My heartiest congratulation to you for that. My sister has been in a marriage for 12 years and with no kids. She was using FP…[Read more]

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    Dear, I felt really bad for you. You had very worst experience with such clinic. I don’t understand what their problems are. Why they are playing with peoples emotions. They just focus on collecting money from others. I know that was very difficult for you. I am shocked that they don’t know about medicine. They should close their clinic. It really…[Read more]

  • Dear, I felt very sad for you. This is truly a very difficult moment in your life. You not only lost your child but also lost the chance of having a child again. That’s very bad. It really doesn’t mean you should lose hope. I think when they’re in no way there is still a way. So you should find a good clinic to have your surrogacy treatment.…[Read more]

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