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    I have talked so much about my sister that I feel like you guys will start getting bored. Just put up with me please. I really love my sister and I want to help her. I have gone through infertility and I know how it feels like. So my sister cannot hold a pregnancy. She is fertile. She has been conceiving severally only to have a miscarriage. Me on the other side I am infertile. But my womb is in a perfect condition. That means I can carry a pregnancy with no difficulties. My 1 year old boy is due to IVF. So I want to help my sister also have her own child. She is married for 5 years but with no kids. She always tells me how bored she is. Currently they are not financially stable. That is her with her husband. So I want to cut down the financial weight. I want to be her surrogate. I am not going to ask for any money for that. She will only pay for the procedure. I think that will be fair enough. Or what do you guys think?


    that’s so good of you honey. It seems the two of you really care for each other. There is no problem being her surrogate. That will help her great deal financially. The one problem with infertility is the cost. The services being provided are always expensive. People might even end up making millions just to conceive. Now that your sister is not financially stable. That way will be a good means to still make her dreams come true. If she could have gone with a different surrogate it would have coasted her so much. In surrogacy, the surrogate is the one who takes more money. More than even the procedure. Now it could be better that you also feed yourself well. Cause most of the surrogate also get paid to eat healthy. But in your case you will cover that portion. This is so fair enough. It is good seeing someone help a sister out.


    Hi, Noreen.
    Nice to see you again. So sorry to hear about your sister’s MC. I know how miscarriages is hard. 5 years of marriage with no kids can be heart-breaking. So, great that you are trying to get in & help her. You are doing great by being so thoughtful of you. Regarding the prices, yes she has to pick up the costs for the procedure (embryo transfer & stuff). Yes, I really do think that is fair enough. Go, girl!


    Happy to hear that you are going to help your sister.
    Sister love is unbreakable.You should help your sister as you are able to hold pregnancy.I also have the same issue as your sister.I can’t hold a baby in my own womb.I conceived for thrice but always resulted in miscarriage.So i gave up on getting pregnant again.
    I have chosen surrogacy as a solution to my problems.I hope i will find a good clinic for surrogacy.I have contacted many clinics but i am looking for a perfect clinic.


    Talk to your husband as well as your boys and explain the situation to them. If you all agree to the plan, see a phsycologist,with your sis and husband. The thing is, although it is a great idea to have someone you trust. In your case a family member, do it. It is also very selfish! I loved my baby from the day I found out I was pregnant and I got very attached to her. You should decide if you are up for carryong a baby you will be seperated from later. If it were me I would definitely do it. If you and your sister have a really good relationship and you think her and her husband will be good parents then go for it. I was gonna do it for my uncle and aunt when they were having such problems getting pregnant but finally she ended up pregnant herself. I think it would be an honor to give that kind of a gift to your sister. There’s nothing greater than giving the gift of life. Would you give her a kidney if she needed one? I would and wouldn’t think twice about it. If you feel this is what you want to do then go for it I think it’s awesome.


    Now I wish I had a sister! Dear, you’re being a wonderful sister. Trust me, you don’t even need to think twice about this. What better way to show how much your sister means to you? Plus, the baby will always be around you. That way, giving the baby away after childbirth won’t hurt you emotionally. Best of luck, and let us in on updates once you start!


    Hey dear!!! Well, sisters love is the too much precious thing in this world. I m really much depress to read your story. I can understand what the circumstances you and your sister are facing. I can also understand what is the pain of the having no children. But, what we can do before God. As I have learned many times about infertility treatment in the well-established countries of Europe. They are even not much costly as well. if you are thinking about to help your sister without any payment. Then search for these clinics as well. maybe it will be very helpful to your financial. Maybe the transfer process has fewer charges there. I wish you very good luck.may you and your sister have much more happiness in your life. Good luck

    Felicia Saz

    Hey, Trisha. First of all, no one is bored I’m sure. We love your posts. Keep sharing your thoughts and stories with us. Coming back to the topic, I think it is great. You should totally be a surrogate for your sister. Surrogacy has become so expensive nowadays. Only the rich ones can afford it. I had my son through surrogacy but I’m not really rich. I live in the States but I can’t even think of going for surrogacy here, it is that expensive. I went to Ukraine as it was affordable and good. What you are doing for your sister is great. I’,m sure she will be delighted when you tell her about this. It is nice to help people when you can. You will be giving her the greatest gift ever. I’d really like to stay updated on your journey. Good luck.

    Joanne Silvia

    Hey there. Wow! I’d be your biggest fan if you do that. Maybe I am not as close as you are to your sister. Either way, to think about the job you’re pulling off. It’s crazy! I really hope it goes successfully. Your sister deserves it! Infertility is really a curse. Easy to put up with it if you have a sister like YOU! You’re actually a role model for so many others. Your sister must be so delighted with the possible scenario. Good luck to both of you. I hope you guys get the happiness you two are chasing. Blowing a lot of baby dust and love your way!


    In the event that she could have run with an alternate surrogate it would have drifted her to such an extent. In surrogacy, the surrogate is the person who takes more cash. More than even the method. Presently it could be better that you likewise encourage yourself well. Cause the vast majority of the surrogate likewise get paid to practice good eating habits. In any case, for your situation you will cover that part. This is so sufficiently reasonable. It is great seeing somebody enable a sister to out.


    Hey lady! Such a great soul you are baby!
    More power to you darling! Though I heard this thing only in videos that a sister wished to surrogate.
    But you are just a complete picture of love.
    You feel this pain and you are women too that’s what eventually might be made you do this.
    Great though! what would be better for her. She is having a surrogate or a person to carry her baby who is this much trustworthy.
    This is what surrogacy procedure tries to teach us each day. The love for others and feeling the pain of an infertile person.
    Sending you hugs.


    trisha that’s so sad. You can’t bear your sister in pain. Sisters are blessings. They support you in every matter. Sometimes you give them superiority than yourself. I am saying like this because my sisters have suffered too much. Just for me. To provide comfort in my life they ruined their life. I always make prayers for them. I am feeling awkward as you are helping her like that. Because if I think myself at your place then it will be an annoying idea for me. Try to encourage her. Let her don’t lose hope and hope for the best. Everything will be on its way. You also make prayers for her. If you help her like that then she will feel awkward. The decision is yours.


    I wish if I had a sister! Dear, you’re being a great sister. Believe me, you don’t have to mull over this. The infant will genetically belong to you. That’s way, giving the infant away after delivery won’t hurt you. Good luck with the treatment. Keep us updated!


    Wow! such a precious feeling it would be. Your story has filled my eyes with tears. You and your sister have gone through really hard times. Every lady wants to have her own children. Well, no one can fight with luck. One should be strong to face the ups and downs of life. Infertility rate has raised to the alarming level in the recent few years. Even every sixth lady is facing such issues. Well, surrogacy treatment has changed everything. However, it’s really expensive for some states. As you are carrying her child, it’s such a great decision. I must say you’d consult some good clinic before going for it. A specialist can suggest you the best. I wish you and your sister better health. Sending baby dust!


    I have read your post. I felt very sorry for your sister. But it sounds good that you are trying to help her. That looks really great. Why she wants a surrogate mother when your are there to help her. You should have her baby in your womb. I suggest you to have her baby in your own womb instead of having any other surrogate mother. I recommend you to visit a clinic in Ukraine for the 100% results of surrogacy. That clinic is providing the best services and giving the best results. A good news is that clinic is coming to the UK on the 18-19 of August. Do visit them and tell them your story and problems. They’ll definitely help you and your sister. Best wishes to you and your sister. Stay blessed.

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