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    Surrogacy may benefit the intended parents. But it might take an emotional toll on the surrogate. It should be a good experience for both the parties. There are regulatory authorities that offer a sum to the surrogate. They are renting their wombs. But only out of empathy and humanity. This is developing into an industry. It also benefits the clinics who register these surrogates. On the contrary, the cost of surrogacy is high. Medical insurance and funds cannot cover the expenses. And a major problem is if it’s not legal. The surrogate will be compensated with very little financial benefits. Where it is a blessing for the infertile couples. It has become a tool of racial and economic exploitation at large scale.

    emma joe

    “That is great news about surrogacy.Now the Biotexcom fro, Ukraine organise an event for UK people.It is really helpful information for UK people and all over the world.You know everyone wants to become parent.So it is great news for infertility people.People must know about the surrogacy.I think it is great news for infertility people.I am ready to go UK for this event.People must share this news across the whole world.
    Bio.Tex.Com Team is going to the UK on 18-19 August. You will have a unique chance to have initial consultation in London. It would be an excellent opportunity to meet Anastasia, the Head of English department, and to get all necessary information about treatment in Bio.Tex.Com. You will also have a chance to sign a contract right there.
    Seats are limited, so please register for the meeting by contacting us via email surrogacy@bio* from email.I hope all of you meet there.And enjoy the informational event”

    Polina Delany

    Well, yes! That’s quite informative! But, in the end, today, it benefits both. So, yeah! I’m also undergoing surrogacy this week. I’ve to go to a centre in Kiev. So, yeah! I can relate things. I’ve already waited so long! So, eventually, it’s a route for me. We are flying to Kiev later this Week. The centre has found us a match. So, yes! It’s really the last and best way for us to become parents. Anyway! Stay blessed! TC all!


    Dear! Good to hear that u got a baby now. Your experience moved me to write my own. I too conceived for two times but couldn’t deliver. It is my lifelong to have my own child. A friend of mine has told me about the surrogacy. He said, there are many clinics in Europe for this process. But if I consider pregnancy complications from my previous experience. I don’t think it is a good idea to be pregnant again. However, I have persuaded my husband for this process. Now I’m trying for the 3rd time at the age of 43. There are many clinics regarding surrogacy services. I also had a bad experience regarding the surrogacy process. I contacted a number of clinics and told them every aspect and complication regarding my previous pregnancies. They have suggested surrogacy. Among clinics, I like a clinic in Europe. I went there and their behavior with me was exceptional. Going to have my surrogacy from them.


    Hi Dear! Hope you are in good health. I stand with surrogacy and consider it to be one of the best procedures for infertility. I have been infertile all my life and the only way that I was able to start my family was through surrogacy. I went to Ukraine to have the procedures since Ukraine is home to some of the best infertility clinics. I have heard that one of these clinic is coming to London on August 18-19 and if anyone is near by, it is a great opportunity to get your initial consultation free of cost. I wish all those that are having trouble TTC the very best of Luck.

    Farah Smith

    Hi there how are you? I hope you are fine. Yes, you have raised an important issue. There are so many things about surrogacy which should be discussed publicly to spread awareness. In my gathering, there are so many people who are against this treatment just because of lack of knowledge. Thanks to the famous clinic in Europe who doesn’t only provide the best treatment but also make efforts to spread awareness. Nowadays they are going to arrange a seminar in London to help and guide people on this issue. I think we should attend this to clear our misconceptions. God bless us all.


    Hey. I hope you are fine. I hope this would help people. Surrogacy is a blessing. it is a blessing for many people. Many people are facing infertility. They have sometimes no other choice. Therefore they choose surrogacy. I have a baby through surrogacy. I wanted to be a mother badly. I faced it for 10 years. I decided to go for surrogacy. I went to a renown clinic in Europe. I have a baby now. I am so happy with my decision.


    Surrogacy is a gift. I know many are facing infertility. I have seen my friend in such pain. She was struggling to be a mom. But no luck. They chose surrogacy. As they also tried IVF. It failed many times. She was so upset. She spent alot of money on IVF. But nothing worked. In the end, They went for surrogacy. They have a baby now. I am so happy with their decision. It is a great experience for them.

    Jessica fields

    I think it depends. It depends from country to country. You are right law has an effect on this too. We first decided to go to India. Surrogacy there was very cheap. I mean the cost was very low. I never imagined it to be that low. Though when I visited the place. I was horrified. They are legit exploiting the women. The surrogates are very young and face malnutrition. They are even paid very less. So I decided to not continue the treatment. I flew back and this time turned to Europe. It was a wise decision. The clinic in Europe not only protects the intended parents but the surrogates too.

    Martina John

    Hey Carlous! Hope so you will be fine. I just read your post. You are definitely right. Such factors are the part of this method. But there is no other option to avail of this. Everyone wants to complete their family. And such alternate methods has proven a successful thing for all the infertile couples. There are some clinics in Europe that are specialized for such treatments. I heard a lot of great reviews about them. One of my colleagues had her surrogacy there. She was admiring them a lot. So I think it’s a great option and people should visit them


    Wonderful post. You are absolutely right about it. Surrogacy is a blessing. Many countries are exploiting women in the name of surrogacy. Poverty is one of the factors that force women to rent their wombs in India. People from foreign countries are getting their surrogacy treatments at the cheapest rates. They are taking advantage of their poverty and exploiting them. I think some steps should be taken against them to stop this worst act. It has a bad impact on the surrogacy treatment. Surrogacy is a blessing. It’s not successful without a surrogate. They should be treated in a nice way. That’s their right. Many good clinics in Europe are dealing with surrogacy in the best way. Their success rate is very high. Thanks, dear for raising such issue on this forum


    Yes, you are right dear. Surrogate are exploiting at most of the places in the world. But I had my surrogacy from Eastern Europe. They gave a lot of respect to their surrogates. And they pay more to them than any other country. That’s why I saw surrogates were so polite and cooperative. I was happy to see their behaviour. Some countries still have banned surrogacy. Because of this those surrogates who join other countries are not paid fully. And they become the victim of emotions. May God show the right path to everybody.


    Hey there Dear. How are you doing? I hope its all great. I get what you are saying. Surrogacy is really a blessing. However it can be abused as well. Many cities are using it the wrong way. It is really helpful for a lot of people. It is a wonderful thing. However, a check and balance are very important. Clinic also plays very vital role. I had mine from Ukraine. I had no complains. I wish everyone good luck. Take care and lost fo prayers.

    Sara Alston

    Hi Charlos. How are you doing? Hope so you are doing fine. Well, I agree with your post to some extent. You are right that some things are not in favour of surrogate mothers. But the case is not the same in every clinic. There are also good clinics which are helping out the women. Let’s hope that things will work out for everyone. Your post is really very informative. Wish you the best of luck.


    Hi there. Yes i agree with you. I had a similar situation. I have been married for 5 years and my husband and i had been trying to conceive, but we had no such luck. So after going to the doctors, continuous time. We were told by our doctor to go for surrogacy. So we contacted a clinic in Ukraine. We were told that they are very professional, and that they know how to deal with their clients in surrogacy. My husband and i really wanted our own child, so we went to Ukraine to visit the BioTexCom clinic. The clinic was very accommodating, and they were very helpful. We had to stay there for a year. While going through all the process and then waiting for our baby to be born. The clinic was really good, and professional. I would suggest that you guys contact them too. They were very kind. Now i have my baby girl with me. I could not have been happier. They are having an event in London. Whosoever is interested should go there.

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