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    Infertile couples worldwide are flocking to Asia, often due to the affordable cost of surrogacy there. In Asia surrogacy procedures can be up to five times less expensive than in the US. The process is also easier, as local laws protects the rights of both the surrogate and the intended parents. Compared side-by-side, the proportion of costs allocated to different components of the surrogacy procedure vary widely in different countries. In the United States, compensation to the Surrogate Mother costs many times what parents will pay in Kiev. This is due to general differences in the cost of living, as well as better management of medical care generally and reduced legal fees. In particular, medical costs comprise a much larger proportion of the total cost of surrogacy in Asia. For couples bringing their new child to Europe, the clinic may not include legal fees in its published price, including the cost of paperwork to support the child’s application for citizenship and passport. Other minor (but overlooked) costs of surrogacy procedures include translations and legalization of official documents, accommodations, emergency medical care for the surrogate or the baby, etc. All of these vary depending on the cost of living in the chosen country.


    Mrs Mcguill

    Thank you for posting this. This is valuable information. I think it would help out people who are going for it. One must consider that there are some clinics that are very expensive. They do not seem to be professional either. One such clinic is the Lotus clinic. I think all need to be beware of it. They have expensive packages. They will reply to you initially. But they will also ask for an initial investment. Once you do that, they may not reply. It is a wastage of money. Also, a wastage of time. So do not go there. There are much better and cheaper places in Europe. Do some research before choosing a clinic.



    A surrogacy agency interviews and evaluates women who would like to be gestational surrogates in order to verify that a woman is in good physical and mental health. This evaluation process is one of the most important reasons for using a surrogacy agency. Surrogates who are matched up with people who cannot have a baby will verify whether they are willing to try IVF or artificial insemination during the initial evaluation process. A reputable fertility clinic should be used for the implantation of a fertilized egg or the insertion of sperm in order to ensure that proper medical procedures are used. Handling Legal Concerns Related to Surrogate Motherhood. States view surrogate motherhood in a variety of ways, and most do not have specific laws addressing the subject. Because of the lack of laws related to situations in which a gestational carrier is used, couples or individuals who expect to be parents could find themselves without their biological child after the carrier refuses to give up parental rights. One way to help reduce the possibility of legal issues arising from surrogate motherhood is through the use of a legal contract.


    Jessica fields

    This is well explained. I loved how you compared everything. This shows your vast knowledge on the subject. Though I would like to mention something here. I also compared the whole procedure. I compared India, Europe, and the USA. Since I live in the USA, it was my first priority. I would not have to bear the traveling charges. I found a clinic very near to my place. The package was quite high though. I then compared India to Europe. The chances of success were greater in the Europian clinic. So after weighing the costs and benefits of every clinic. I decided to opt for the one in Europe. I don’t regret my decision a little bit.



    Hello dear! What are you up to? Your post is very informative and helpful. No doubt surrogacy is becoming common these days. It is the best option for infertile couples. Infertile couples can do anything to complete their families. The cost and success rate depending upon clinic and country. I had my surrogacy from the clinic in Europe. They are giving the best facilities and treatment. But beware of some spam clinics. I had a very bad experience with them. They just cash the patient’s helplessness. Be smart while choosing the clinic. Developing countries are also giving the facilities of IVF and surrogacy. You did very well. Keep sharing useful pieces of information.



    this information is too good for them who are looking forward to do this . they should have these things in their minds. just because of medical expense i dont think intended parents should move. but its my personal opinion. for the couples who are going for surrogacy . be aware of some unprofessional clinics like lotus. they are completely unprofessional. they are just too expensive as well. their staff is not good at all. there are cases that they demanded money at initial stage and they did not even replied after that. they are just wastage of money. and wastage of time as well. there are many good clinics in Europe. go and visit them.



    Thanks for sharing this post. This contains a lot of information. This will be useful for many infertile individuals. There are clinics that are very expensive. They are not even professional. It really doesn’t mean there are not any good clinic. There are a good one in Europe. They are dealing in the best way with surrogacy. So I would suggest you go there. Always do some research before choosing a clinic. Your post is detailed about the good clinic. This is well explained. I loved it that you compared everything. You did very well. Keep sharing useful information



    Thank you so much for sharing this post. very informative post it is. This will help many infertile people like me. There are many clinics around the globe with high expense and low professional work. There are many good clinics also working out there. Europe has a number of best clinic working professionally. They are best in dealing with surrogacy and IVF. You should research more for you and I would suggest you go to Europe it would be a better option for you. Keep sharing useful information. Good luck



    Hello dear. I hope you are doing well. Thanks for sharing this information. I belong to Asia. But I am not satisfied with the procedure they are offering. India has just started surrogacy. But they exploit surrogate so badly. This kind of inhumanity didn’t appeal me go for surrogacy there. That’s why I went to Eastern Europe for my surrogacy. There are numerous clinics there. This is is affordable as well as their procedures are amazing. The way they satisfy there patients is very professional I would never recommend Asian countries to anybody. But it’s your choice.


    Martina John

    Hey Tifanny! Hope so you will be fine. I just read your post. You are absolutely right. Expenses vary from country to country. But with expenses, reputation and success rates of the clinic also matters. In this respect, there is a clinic in Europe. I heard so many great reviews and experiences about them. They are providing such techniques comparably on low cost. And also giving a quality treatment to their customers. I think people should consult them. Success matters.



    Hello there, How are you? Hope all will be doing well. I just read your post. You are right dear. The surrogacy treatment should be at a low cost. So the infertile people can take it easy. Thank you s much for sharing this information with us. we should talk about it. So the best solution can find out. There are the different rate in different countries. But the reputation of the clinic also matters. Its reputation will be good then the cost will be higher. And in this way, the people can not get the procedure from the best clinic. It needs to fix that good clinic should make their cost low. According to my opinion, the UK clinics are the best clinics. Wish you all good luck.



    Dear Tiffany, How are you? Hope you will be fine. I am the regular visitor of this forum. I have read your post. You have raised such a very sensitive issue. The surrogacy cost really matters. There are many people who want to take the treatment. But the cost is not affordable for them. This issue should be fixed. So that many can get 5the benefit from the surrogacy procedure. There are many good clinics in the UK. They are working on it on affordable price. The UK clinics are the best clinics. They are responsible. I wish you very good luck. Stay happy and blessed.


    Sara Alston

    Surrogacy is one of the best treatment for the infertile couple. Everyone who is struggling from infertility should look forward to this treatment. But financial cost plays a very major role. One of my friends also had a surrogacy in Eastern Europe. And the expenses were very quite reasonable for her. She also had very high facilities in the clinics. And she is blessed with a baby girl now. Her life is changed now. So surrogacy has been proven to be a life changer for her. Thanks for sharing this thread with us.



    Tiffany, your post is really very informative for me. I just got so much new information from your thread. You are right that expenses and facilities matter a lot for infertility treatment. One of my friends also had a surrogacy in Eastern Europe and they are offering quite an affordable rate for all the infertility treatment. You should look for eastern Europe if you did not find any reasonable clinic for you.



    I see that Tiffany you have shared quite a view. You need to look into the other perspective. Surrogacy is starting to become a commercial trade. There is a huge risk where people are renting their wombs. Europeans have a benefit against currency; they will approach less expensive treatments within Asian countries. It allows growth in the medical industry by adding more international certified professionals in it. But there’s little attention towards the health risks and conditions of the surrogate mothers. There are very few hospitals that follow the standards. But it still lacks extensive policymaking. Europe has some of the best clinics and countries where you can transfer all legal rights to the parents. Even a visa is not required.

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