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    One of the worst things you can do while you’re dealing with infertility is to keep your emotions bottled up inside. It’s unhealthy to try to hide or ignore your feelings, and it can lead to greater resentment and more emotional difficulties down the road. Sometimes, when you allow yourself the chance to break down and let it all out, it can be cathartic — and much needed. Coping with infertility is a difficult enough journey, but when you pretend it isn’t affecting you, you won’t find the sort of emotional release that you so desperately need. If you and your partner are struggling with infertility together, it can be easy to become overwhelmed with all of the disappointing and negative emotions associated with your infertility struggles. You may start to feel guilty or resentful of each other when times get hard. However, your partner is often your closest source of support, so it’s important to stay strong, honest and loving with each other. While physical intimacy might bring up negative emotions of trying and failing to conceive, take care of your relationship; plan special nights where the focus is elsewhere than family-building or simply hold hands and go for a walk. If you’re experiencing difficulty in your relationship, we encourage you to reach out to an infertility or relationship counselor to reconnect with each other.


    This is so terrible. I can understand your situation. It must have been really hard for you. These clinics are really very pathetic. They have been troubling people for so long. My sister had a similar experience. She tried to contact them several times. But she did not get any response. They replied to her just once. That even seemed like a computer-generated email. They are very unresponsive. I don’t understand what they get by troubling people like this. If they can’t deal with their clients professionally, then what is the use of opening up a clinic. They need to stop fooling people. And try to act a bit professionally.


    I have just read your post. I can understand your feelings. I have also an experience of these clinics. I can’t say any word to you. Because you are already fighting with the worst thing of the life. You are really a strong and confident woman. I am totally agreed with you. These clinics are really the worst clinics. They are just making money. But there are also some clinics which are doing the best jobs. There is a clinic in Europe which is providing the best services and giving the best results. And a good news is the clinic is coming to the UK on the 18-19 of the August. I suggest every infertile woman visit them and ask them about your problems.

    Jessica fields

    I find the most interesting posts on this forum. They make me emotional. Maybe precisely because it is the truth. I agree with this post. I have been through this. I was so envious. I got frustrated due to infertility. I stopped meeting my sister. Just because she got pregnant. While I waited for 5 years. She gave birth twice. I was barren as a desert. It was really painful. It was infertility that made me mad. Then I found this clinic in Europe. They changed my life. I have twins now. A girl and a boy. I cannot be thankful enough.


    This is an amazing post. Your post touched my heart. It makes me cry. How difficult is it for those who suffer from infertility. I can feel their pain. I am a mother so I can understand how much it will be difficult for them. You have raised such great issues. The best thing is that science has advanced a lot. There are some treatments like IVF and surrogacy. These treatments help people fighting against infertility. Many good clinics in Europe are helping people to achieve their dreams. They are doing a wonderful job. Nowadays infertility is not a problem anymore. I am glad that people are getting more awareness with the help of these clinics. I wish everyone a very good luck in future.


    Hi, My deepest sympathies go out to you. Infertility is the worst disease in human’s life. Many women are very depressed due to infertility. I’m also a heart patient. I could not become a mother. I want my baby in any condition. Then we decided to went to Europe for surrogacy. Now I have my own baby. I think you have to go with surrogacy. If you really want a child.surrogacy is really blessing for an infertile patient. You have to be strong. Stay in touch with your doctor things will be alright. Don’t lose hope. Hardship is the part of life. Wish you best of luck for your future life.


    I completely agree with you that the best thing, emotions should stay inside. you should show to the world whatever you want. don’t let them know you completely. because it can be harsh. people can destroy your feelings when they know all about you. the couples should understand each other . its the best thing in e relation. your relation should be strong enough that’s you understand each other completely. your support is the best thing for your partner. if you are still not conceiving then don’t blame each other. don’t destroy your relationship. I will personally recommend that one of the best clinics in Europe. they are visiting the Uk on the 18-19 of August. do visit them and clear your concerns if any. keep it in mind that clinic is not Lotus or Adonis.


    Hey. Wow. How are you doing? Hope you are doing okay. I was so teared up after reading this. Thank you so much. Thank you for sharing this. And making so many of us feel better. I know how hard it is. I have felt it. I have felt the bond breaking sometimes. It is okay. Happens to everyone. But you have done a great job in telling how to deal with it. Keep inspiring people. Keep doing the good work. There are many fertility centers that help. And many alternatives that are there to provide you with what you want. Do look out for them. Stay strong. Cheers.

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