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    I am a proud mother of 4 children. I am so fertile and have never gone through any difficulty in fertility. My brother has some issues with fertility. He is gay, but a married man. So when they wanted a child I decided to be their surrogate. His partner was the one who used his sperms. I also donated my eggs to. This way my brother felt like he has also participated in the child. Since we are twins our genes are closely related. So I was injected his partner sperm and got pregnant. That was my first surrogacy. It was successful and my brother was so happy. That kind of jot made me embark in this journey. Now I am doing independent surrogacy. If anyone has some fertility issues I decide to help them at a lower cost. So far I have been a surrogate for 6 pregnancies. I can say I am now used of being pregnant. Remember I also have my 4 children. That’s adds up to 10 babies.


    You must be a master in this dear. I am expecting my first child. I can tell you the hell that I have been through to be pregnant. I cant imagine what I will have gone through to just have the 4 children. Congratulation to you for that. I have been in marriage for 7 years and with no kids. At first I was using FP pills. Never knowing that I am already infertile and have nothing to worry about. So after 3 years and I want a child. None is coming my way. I can say the 4 years were miserable. Anyway, that is a story for another day. You giving me this story has really motivated me. All hope was lost. But with this post it has encouraged me. I feel so blessed to be part of this community. I can see that you really do give support. Just know that there are people who need this. They might not speak out. But someone somewhere in this forum needs this kind of motivation once in a while.

    bailey oster

    Hi there. That is remarkable. 10 babies. You might be going for some sort of a record lol. Jokes apart, I think it is great how you are trying to help others. Not being able to have a child is a depressing thought. Happy to know that there is a way out.


    Wow,! You have really become an expert in this. There are women like you who are filled with fertility and then there are also women who are infertile and do not know what to do. Fear your post will help all those women who want to go for surrogacy and are looking for a surrogate mother. As you are doing a kind deed so please do not charge too much. Stay blessed.


    Hello there. Congrats on your 4 kids. I can imagine ho happy you must have been. I think it is so great that you were able to be a surrogate for your brother. SO happy to hear about that. I
    I wish you and your brother happiness. For my case, I have been TTC for 4 years, which is a quite long time. However, I am planning to give up and go with either surrogacy or IVF. I haven’t decided yet. If my husband will decide to go with surrogacy, I will surely be letting you know. I don’t know how much surrogates usually charge. But, will you be willing to let us know your rates. I have heard that independent surrogates are usually cheaper. However, since I am a newbie to surrogacy and all that, I have no solid idea on it. I would love to get to know more about your rates. In the meantime, thanks for giving heads-up. 10 babies must be handful. I wish you good luck with your four kids.

    Nicola wilson

    Wow! That’s remarkable dear. You must be a strong lady, to go through ten pregnancies. Your doing a good job indeed, helping out couples who are having fertility issues. Stay strong and keep up the good work. Your post will be quite helpful for couples who are considering surrogacy as their last option. Do keep us updated regarding your journey as a surrogate. Would love to hear them.


    Hello there dear friend. I hope this finds you well. I think you are doing something honorable. It is great from you. I think that your brother appreciates this a lot. At least he should appreciate it. As a mother I know ehat it feels like to be a parent. Everyone has the right to experience that. Aldo as somebody who is currently battling infertility i know how it feels to have that right taken
    You are doing the right thing love. I just hope that it won’t be too hard for you. Dont get too attached to the baby. Aleays keep in mind that youll have to let go at the end. I hope that this is clesr in your head. Again you are doing something noble. God bless yoy!


    Hey Callisy! Many women here are finding surrogate mothers. They always find it difficult. Many surrogate mothers charge very expensive fee. That is why women do not opt for surrogacy. I hope you will not charge very expensive fee. Kindly make it easy for other women to have their own babies. You will be blessed with more in your life. Keep sharing your post to other forums as well. It will help a lot.


    You are doing very good for your brother.i am so happy and proud of women like you.
    Because of you your brother will have happiness.
    Please do share your experience of surrogate mother with me.i will be waiting here.i am also looking for surrogacy.So i guess i can learn alot from you.
    Please share the experience of each and every moment with me.
    I feel so happy for your brother.May be we will also have a good surrogate who will give us our kids.
    Good luck to you and your brother.


    calissy that’s so nice of you. I mean I am feeling dispersed for your brother. But happy because you decided to help him. Finally, he will be no more away from having kids. Well, most of the ladies help others as a surrogate mother. To be a surrogate mother is not a simple task. You have to bear many troubles. But you don’t have to take tension because you are helping your brother. This feeling feels you in comfort. I have talked to many surrogate mothers and ask an answer why they do this.? All of them gave the same answer. That answer was to help others to cherish the taste of a mother. My wishes are with you. whenever I will found a woman who is in need of surrogate mother then I will let you know about her. Thank you!!!


    If you’re having trouble trying to conceive and carry a pregnancy. And a close friend or family member offers to be a surrogate. It can be a dream come true. Not only can it mean thousands of dollars in agency fees saved. But it can also strengthen or create new bonds between you and the special person who becomes your surrogate. However, because of the close bonds that already exist between you and a potential family surrogate. This can lead to a more complicated situation than having an agency surrogate. Becoming a surrogate mother for a family member or a friend is not a decision you should take lightly. While you will be providing a priceless gift for someone you know and love. There are important things you should be aware of before you make this commitment. It is a complicated process that can permanently affect your relationship if you’re not well prepared. Because of the legal, emotional and financial challenges involved with surrogacy. It’s best to work with an experienced surrogacy agency or professional to make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible.


    Hey, Hope you are doing good. It is remarkable. They way you are helping other shows that you really care about humanity. I am so thankful to all the woman like you are are doing it for sake of our happiness. It makes me when I hear about surrogates do it for our happiness. We have a daughter through surrogacy. I came to know that the baby genetically belongs to the intended parents so I chose it. It is legal in Europe and I have heard about the clinic there so I chose it. My Husband feels so happy to have a daughter. He supported me in my decision when I talked to him about surrogacy. I am happy that this was the right decision. It’s not easy to carry a baby for 9 months. Its way too difficult when the baby belongs to someone else. 9 months are enough to get attached to babies for a woman. I am happy that my family is completed now. I am thankful to the surrogate who blessed me with the baby.


    Hey Milan, happy to know that you have helped your brother. It is indeed a great job. Very few ladies have courage to do such a great work for their loved ones. And you have given birth to 10 kids. Hats off to you. Your brother must be very thankful to you. You have gave him the most beautiful gift of your life. I am also an infertile lady. And considering surrogacy as well. So that I can give my DH a beautiful gift. My DH is very supportive. And he supports me at every difficult phase of my life. I just pray that every lady should have such a nice and loving husband. Because at such stage the only thing a woman desire is support. All family members must be cooperative.

    Felicia Saz

    Hey, Milan. Hope you are well. You are doing some marvelous work. I’m so impressed. What you did for your brother is amazing. Surrogate mothers are so selfless. It is great that you used your ability to help people. You did not even care about your own health. This is truly amazing. You are no less than a hero. I had my son through surrogacy a year ago. The surrogate my clinic chose for me is truly an angel. She is our friend now and she visits us occasionally to see how the baby is doing. I have great respect for all the surrogate mothers around. Thank you for sharing this with us.


    Wow! What a great story it is. Really, you are a great woman. You made happy your brother by giving birth to his surrogated child. Can you please mention where you had surrogacy treatment? I’m also very depressed. So, I need your help. Wil wait for you!

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