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    Hey sersey! I can understand the pain you are going through. Losing your baby is indeed a very big loss for any mother in the world. Work and studies are very important for all of us. But it does not mean to forget to have a family. Well, all that’s is gone cannot be corrected. Your age is certainly the main issue. I think you should opt for s…[Read more]

  • Hi Cristin. Happy to see your positive thinking. You raised an intriguing point. We should check each possibility. We don’t recognize what may cause the fruitlessness. You are so appropriate about this. It is something that many individuals need to get it. Ladies normally are so anxious to have a baby. When they discover they can’t imagine…[Read more]

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    @rachel Hi Rachel. Dear, getting pregnant is not a small process. It takes time and you should be patient. Few months is not too much time, so you are worrying unnecessarily. Even your doctor has told you that there is nothing wrong with you and your partner so you should have some faith. Just concentrate on your health and life and do as your…[Read more]

  • Hi Race. I am sad for the inconvenience you are confronting. I trust you figure out how to discover an answer. To be completely forthright, I’m somewhat confounded. Your specialist says there is not much? At that point why are you unfit to consider? To what extent have you been striving for? On the off chance that it’s been a couple of months at e…[Read more]

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    Hi Anna stones. I am really sorry to know about your experience in this year. Having a good doctor is also a blessing because the condition of the patient depends upon the decisions made by the doctor. Like you have faced disappointment, let me tell you there are other women also who have to face such disappointments. Well I think if you are still…[Read more]

  • Hi Race. I comprehend what you mean. At times conversing with outsiders is so substantially simpler. There is no dread of judgment. Neither do we have to stress over what anybody is considering. Particularly in discussions like this. Everybody is recently so strong. It makes it less demanding to open up. Presently returning to the current issue.…[Read more]

  • Wow,! You have really become an expert in this. There are women like you who are filled with fertility and then there are also women who are infertile and do not know what to do. Fear your post will help all those women who want to go for surrogacy and are looking for a surrogate mother. As you are doing a kind deed so please do not charge too…[Read more]

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