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    Anna Stones

    . Good evening and from me, I’m 44 which is a very difficult age !! In 2014, taking examinations of hormonal my exam considering to my age was not bad: My “doctor”, however, since I realized a lot later, had other plans !!!! He gave me one Cyclacur month after two months contraceptive, and when the period came to 14/9 he told me to get a friendly acid and on the day my end was started Menopur 150cc for 6 days !!! This and then told me to look for a surrogate mother as I did not respond to the injections and because I’m over 40 so I will not be able to keep the fetus and give birth !!!! While the trumpets and ultrasounds were all very good !!! When I asked him why he put me in the process of hormones after losing it, he didn’t know what to say.After that I gave up and I did not mind to look at it again, although my husband says he does not care and does care, I think he has a wilderness (you see I have a daughter who is 25 years old from my first marriage) and somewhere in my work I was introduced to a gynecologist who has great experience in the whole subject, told me to do the hormonal examinations and go see them and tell me !!! What the man to tell me … I just passed the exam and its crap !! I lost a year and all hope with a “Doctor” Profit! Disappointment!!!


    Hello there Anna. How are you doing dear? I hope things are fine at your end. I am really sorry to hear what happened to you! You were just trying your best not to get caught in anything bat… I guess it backfired at you. However there is still hope. I am pretty sure that things will get much more better eventually. You see in life bad things happne all the time. Sometimes we don’t have even who to blame. Sometimes we have our selves… In your case it is a little bit different I guess. Somebody else did this to you… However do not let hate accumulate on your heart! You don’t need that at all. Just keep living your life and hoping for the best. Best of luck to you my dear friend. I hope this issues comes to an end as soon as possible. Take care love!


    Hi Anna stones. I am really sorry to know about your experience in this year. Having a good doctor is also a blessing because the condition of the patient depends upon the decisions made by the doctor. Like you have faced disappointment, let me tell you there are other women also who have to face such disappointments. Well I think if you are still eager to have a baby there are still options for you and you can try if you want to. But without wasting more time.

    bailey oster

    Hello Anna. I am so sorry to hear that. You should consult some other doctor. He wasted so much of your time and money. On top of that, who knows what side effects all those medications might have caused. I hope ou manage to find a better doctor. Good luck!


    Hello, Anna. I hope you are doing great. So sorry to hear about your experience. Yes, 44 is a difficult age which presents a few challenges. On top of that you had a horrible doctor. Yes, horrible. I have been to a few gynecologist and doctor appointments, however, I have never first hand experienced such negligent conduct on the part of the doctor. I find it quite disturbing that doctors can act in a such a way that impacts the patients. I think you should go ahead with your hormonal exams. These exams are key in identifying what is causing you the problem. I hope things will get better for you. Just don’t lose hope. Having faith in your dreams is key. So, I suggest you try to weather through the ‘crisis’ and recover mentally. I wish you good luck with your journey. I hope you will get a doctor who is worth their salt this time. Just be very careful with the doctors. There are so many doctors out there willing to capitalize on our vulnerabilities.


    This is the reason I always prefer professionals. Do not settle for a doctor who does not know what his work is for. You should focus more on doctors who have been in the field long enough. I am sorry that you had to go through such hands but I believe it is never late. Since you already have a child. Then it means that you are not infertile. You are just battling with old age. Which in most cases it is not difficult to deal with. So keep on seeing your current doctor. I am sure she will be of more assistance than the other. And let this be a lesson to others too. Even the hospital that one goes to. You should ensure it has a high success rate. Check on the clients reviews. What do they have to say about their services. If there is any complain then you should start doubting. But if not then you can go on. This has not only happened to you. have had friends ho had to pass through such doctors. But I do hope we will not waste other people who will go through the same.


    Some doctors are just not worth the time and money. Since you already had a child before. Then it meant that you never had a serious issue. Maybe just old age difficulties. So he made you go through all those testing. And also give you false hopes. This is the reason I tell people to be sure of the doctors that are going to treat them. Make sure 5hat you have followed on their history. Know more about their services. Also remarks from their previous clients. Fertility is something very sensitive. So getting wrong information can be expensive. I do hope that with your current doctor you have gotten the help that you wanted. Never give up in the search for your happiness. The answer is out there just somewhere. You have to be sure of where you will be looking for the solution.


    Hi! I hope you are fine. I’m sorry to hear about what happened to you. It’s very important to find a good doctor. A doctor who guides you well and treats you well. Finding a good doctor is a blessing. Unfortunately, you did not get it. I know it is very disappointing. But don’t lose hope. Such ups and downs are a part of life. You have to deal with it. There is still hope for the good. Never lose faith in yourself. The next time you think of visiting a doctor, try to make some research on her first. Know about their qualification. And ask people who have visited there already. Make yourself satisfied before getting any treatment from a new doctor. I hope everything turns out to be fine soon. Good luck with everything!


    Hello! I hope you’re well. I’m sorry for your situation. It must be a very frustrating time for you. I think you should get second opinions from different doctors before proceeding. I think you should also look into IVF and surrogacy. There are some great clinics abroad that offer great services for less. I went to Europe for my surrogacy. I have a little girl through it. I’m so blessed. I think it’ll be best if you choose a good clinic soon too. They’ll handle so much of the stress for you. Good luck! Best wishes to you.

    hailey johnson

    Hello there! I hope you are doing fine. Im so sorry to hear about your condition. I can totally relate to you. I have been in your shoes. Heres my story. It might give you hope. I got married in 2009. I have had two miscarriages since then. I had lost all hope to become a mother. I was going insane for a baby. Then my husband and I started exploring other options. We were told about a Ukraine based clinic by a former colleague. They later told us about surrogacy. We were reluctant in the beginning. Nevertheless, we took our chances. Now im blessed with a baby boy. I pray everyone gets blessed with children. Best of luck. Love!


    I am so sorry to hear that. It must have cost you so much physically, mentally and financially. This is why it’s very important to choose the right doctor. It’s such a big responsibility. It’s quite often that doctors don’t even care about anything but money. They try to exploit you using your desperacy or need. It’s very sad living in a world like this. Where everyone just cares about themselves. But don’t be upset. I am sure you’ll soon see happiness in your life. No one deserves this. I have my fingers crossed for you. Just go see an expert someone who’ll truly guide you. I am sure you’ll do great. Good Luck. Take care, sweetheart.


    Honestly, speaking some of the doctors are just trying to make out some money and that is it. They don’t realize that because of their stupidity someone else can badly get affected. It is honestly such a shame. The exact same thing happened to me as well. I was put on a Clomid cycle for so long. Every month passed by and so did my hope. I then finally decided to visit a specialist. It is there that they did my tests properly. I then was told that my FSH levels were too high. Whereas my AMH levels were way to low. This was causing problems for me. I know at least knew what was wrong. It is after this that I did my research on assisted conceptions. However, it was an important lesson. The next clinic I visited abroad for my treatment I made sure they were reliable and worth trusting. I am glad that I chose them and now things seem a lot more positive.


    Women’s fertility begins to decline gradually after age 30. With a steep drop between 35 and 45. This means that, on average, it takes longer for an older woman to conceive. And older women are more likely to be diagnosed with infertility. Pregnancies in older women are also more likely to miscarry. The most predictable age-related change is a gradual reduction in the number and quality of eggs produced as a woman enters her late thirties. As she nears menopause, eggs are not released in more and more of a woman’s menstrual cycles, making conception impossible. Because of the increased possibility of fertility problems. Women over the age of 35 are often counseled to seek medical advice if they attempt to conceive for six months without success. However, because conception is likely to take longer in older women. Some experts suggest that couples give themselves more, rather than less, time to conceive before seeking medical help.

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