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    Cristin Rose

    Hello everybody. I will try to be the soonest I can.Since I was 16 I had polycystic ovaries and that this implies everything you can imagine. I do have a 28-day cycle though. The doctor I visit for many years was always checking my hormones. In the last week, however, I went to the endo and he found that something was wrong.He found that I have hypothyroidism, and because of this elevated prolactin. she told me that at such prices it is impossible to get pregnant. I, therefore, decided to control my thyroid, so I decided to lose some of the kilos. I have already lost 20 pounds in 4 months. So I think in a few months I will be able to start trying for a baby since I couldn’t manage it to have a baby, even though my man and I are trying for almost 2 years.You should check everything that may postpone the pregnancy.Do not let everything by chance.


    Hi there. I hope you are doing great. So sorry to hear that you had been suffering from polycystic ovaries. I know common they are in women. But, they sure are treatable. Regarding your diagnosed hypothyroidism, I am sorry to hear that. However, it is good that you had been taking steps to cure it. Your weight loss 20 pounds in 4 months is impressive. My Mom had been trying for years to lose weight. I mean she is doing everything she can, but it just does not work out for her. I am sure other women here will also find your story enouraging and motivating. YOu are so right to encourage others to do various tests. I also think that preventing a disease is way easier than treating. So, I surely will be getting checked out periodically. I have been TTC for 4 years. I am guessing it is time for IVF. Anyways, sorry to starting to talk about myself. I wish you good luck. Thanks for sharing this with us

    Aria miller

    Hello Cristin Rose. Glad to see your optimism. You raised an interesting point. We should check every possibilty. We don’t know what might be causing the infertility. You are so right about this. It is something that many people need to understand. Women, in general, are so eager to have a child. When they find out they can’t conceive naturally, many forget to think rationally. Logic demands that you try to single out the issue first. However, they just jump directly to a solution. IUI and IVF are a common choice. Quite often though, they aren’t even needed. The problem could have easily been fixed only with medication or a lifestyle change. For example, weight loss.


    Hello, I am so sorry for you. I know this frustration. It is a mess. Being a woman I know how it feels to see your baby like this. It is a big loss. But there is always a hope. IVF is a wise option. My best friend had an IVF cycle. She is healthy and happy now. She also had some complications but it went well. So, without losing hope you should keep trying. Maybe you should ask your doctor to tell you what is the problem. Maybe any medication can help. I myself took Clomid for a year. It is a fuss I know. But just think about your baby. It will help you. Hoping the best for you!

    Ella wilson

    Hello there. How are you? I hope losing weight is all it will take for you. Fingers crossed for a positive soon. I do have a couple of questions though. How are you planning on proceeding after this? Will you try to conceive naturally? Is your endo confident it will work? Would you need to opt for an assisted conception method? For example IVF. I am asking this because you mentioned you also have PCOS. So, I don’t know how that will factor in. Will losing weight and controlling your thyroid levels help with that? I hope that is the case. Good luck!


    Hello Crisitn Rose. You are so right. There can be so many reasons for infertility. It is worth getting a thorough examination done. We can’t leave it to chance. Once the problem is detected, it can be solved. Not before that. So, it is important to look into every possibity. I had a similar experience. I was having trouble conceiving. I used an opk to track my ovulation. It indicated I wasn’t ovuating. I started taking clomid to help that. Didn’t help. That’s when I went to the doctor. It was found that I was ovulating fine. The probem was the blocked tubes. If I hadn’t gone to the doctor, I would have never known the real problem.

    bailey oster

    Hi there Cristin. Your story sure is inspiring. I hope it all ends well for you. Which doctor had you been going to before you went to the endo? A GP or an OB? I agree, that an RE is better able to address the issue of infertility. I am glad you are closer to a solution. I have a question though. What about your PCOS? Won’t that affect your chances? I know you are losing weight. That will help with the hypothyroidism. However, will that help with PCOS too? Looking forward to seeing your reply. Good luck!

    Elektra Gia

    Hello Cristin! Really sorry that you’re going through all this problem. This is really disturbing. But just relax the time period you have mentioned here for TTC is not that much less. So, there is still many rays of hopes. And don’t worry about losing kilos. Infact you are lucky that you are going to lose your kilos for the sake of your baby. Believe me by losing your kilos you will get rid of other issues very soon as they are the reasons behind many diseases. I hope you have consulted a Nutritionist for this issue he or she may suggest you a diet plan through which you can lose your kilos easily. I wish you good luck with your kilos things

    June Mike

    Hi there Cristin, how do you do. Yes I totally agrees with you that we should have to check everything. Your condition in this matter is a little different because you knew about your condition for a long time. Many people don’t know that and then for them it is recommended that without taking tension about their condition just try at least 8-10 months before you take any action about that and if your mucus is good than that is a very long time. Your conception chances are high anyway then. But you are a brave women Cristin. What you suffered is a very much for a woman. I hope that you’ll get you beautiful baby soon and then it all looks like a journey to you and you never even going to remember this. All you know that you have a baby and this worth it.

    Nicola wilson

    Hey dear, PCOs is one of the most common syndromes in females. I have had PCOS since forever. The reason being that the syndrome runs genetically in our family. However, bringing up some lifestyle changes can improve the situation. First step is surely weight loss. Your weight loss journey is quite impressive. I also lost some of my extra kilos. Although it was quite difficult but was necessary to ease the symptoms. Itโ€™s good to read that you have taken control of your body. You are fighting all the odds by yourself. Kudos to you. Hope that your journey will be smooth. Do write about your journey and discuss it on the forum. Hope you will get to celebrate your bundle of joy soon.

    Jolia Carter

    Hey Cristine Rose, how do you do? I feel for you. You have still hypothyroidism? What did the doctors and test say? I request you to never rely on only one test or one doctor. You must have 3.I really donโ€™t think that your age is the issue. My own aunt gets married at 40 and have a girl at 41. I think you should not wait any more and run towards the gynecologist or fertility specialist. They might suggest you for IVF which is the best option for you. You must go for IVF. I wish you very best of luck. Take care of your diet and health.


    Hi Cristin. Happy to see your positive thinking. You raised an intriguing point. We should check each possibility. We don’t recognize what may cause the fruitlessness. You are so appropriate about this. It is something that many individuals need to get it. Ladies normally are so anxious to have a baby. When they discover they can’t imagine normally, many neglect to think sanely. Rationale requests that you endeavour to single out the issue first. Be that as it may, they simply hop specifically to an answer. IUI and IVF are a typical decision. Regularly however, they aren’t required. The issue could have effectively been settled just with medicine or a way of life change. Stay healthy!


    Hi. How are you? Well, I hope that shedding pounds is all it will take for you. Fingers crossed for a positive response very soon. I do have two or three inquiries however. How are you anticipating continuing after this? Will you attempt to imagine normally? Is your endo sure it will work? Would you have to settle on a helped origination strategy? For instance IVF. I am asking this since you said you likewise have PCOS. Along these lines, I don’t know how that will factor in. Will getting in shape and controlling your thyroid levels help with that? I trust that is the situation. Good fortunes!


    Hey there! You are so right. There can be such a large number of explanations behind barrenness. Women find it difficult to have a proper treatment and medication for such issues as they are very stressing and tiring. We can’t abandon it to risk. Once the issue is identified, it can be illuminated. Not before that. In this way, it is vital to investigate each possibility. My friend had a comparative ordeal. She was experiencing difficulty in conceiving. She utilized an opk to track her ovulation. It demonstrated that she wasn’t ovulating. After that she began taking clomid to help that. Didn’t offer assistance. That is the point at which she went to the specialist. It was discovered that she was ovulating fine. The issue was the blocked tubes. In the event that she hadn’t gone to the specialist, she would have never known the genuine issue.

    alisha grey

    Hi Cristin! You seem like a really optimistic person. I love it when I meet people like you ๐Ÿ™‚ You are so right. We should always check every possibility first. Because this is the only way we can be sure that we will find a cure. I personally have seen ladies not thinking like this. Everyone wants to have a child but when they hear a bad news, they lose it. This is not how a person should act in such cases. Crying won’t help. Every infertile should think about the options that are available to them before giving it up. I agree with one of the ladies who commented that sometimes, there is no need for IUI and IVF and like treatments. All you need to do is to just change your lifestyle. Like avoiding oily dishes was recommended to me by my doctor. Had I given up after my OBGYN told me that I was infertile (a lie), I wouldn’t be sitting here typing this after changing my baby’s diaper ๐Ÿ™‚ Always seek a second opinion.

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