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    Your attention to the agency provides its services.



    International Agency Surrogate motherhood unites hearts from different points of the world.



    Many couples turn to surrogacy when they feel like they have no other options. Others turn to surrogacy because they are simply tired of the painful reproductive procedures they must endure in an attempt to have a child. With the right surrogate, a healthy child can be brought into a loving family, but for a price. If you’re willing to pay that price, then pursuing a surrogacy may just be the right choice for you. Intended parents come from all different backgrounds — many are same-sex couples or hopeful single parents who are ready to start a family, while others have struggled for years with infertility and have exhausted their fertility treatment options. However, all of these intended parents have one thing in common: a strong desire to add to their families. For these couples and individuals, surrogacy makes this dream possible. The advantages of surrogacy are clear to the hundreds of families who have been created in this special way. Here are just a few surrogacy benefits that intended parents enjoy. Surrogacy allows infertile couples, single people and members of the LGBT community to become parents when they may not be able to have children otherwise. In most cases, gestational surrogacy allows one or both parents to be biologically related to their child. Surrogacy gives hopeful parents the opportunity to raise a child from birth.


    Lucy jones

    hello. there are many people. who are infertile. they really need to be advised with alternate procedures. I myself I was hopeless.until my friend told m about surrogacy. now we plan to go to a really good clinic for surrogacy. she was blessed with a baby boy. I hope your agency Is working professional enough to help people. thanks for sharing this. my power to you. prayers need. bye.



    Hey. May God bless you. Surrogacy is a blessing. It is a blessing for every woman. Babies are the great happiness for women. Through surrogacy, every mother can get the happiness of motherhood. This should be legal in all the countries. I was a sportswoman. And I had fatigue injury. I tried to conceive. Then visit for surrogacy. The clinic where I had surrogacy was a peerless clinic. The staff was so cooperative. Now I have a baby



    Hey, thank you for helping people. I know that people are seeking for this information. Well, surrogacy is indeed the best process as far as I know. Infertility is hard to overcome. Many people are nowadays asking for advice. I think we should help them. If the clinic is trustworthy so there is no need to select an agency. I have known some clinics. These clinics are renown for surrogacy. These clinics also offer free accommodation. They are also providing the skilful doctors and specialist. These specialist and consultants know so much about assisted conception. I hope this would be helpful for everyone. Many people are selecting trustworthy agencies. The agencies also know the best clinics.



    Such an informative website it is. It is about agencies. these agencies know about the best clinics. I think people should choose the agencies because they know the best. Infertility is never easy. I know many people are in such pain. They want to go for the best. Sometimes they don’t know that what is best for them. I am happy that people help each other. Many events are organized for the awareness of people. I am happy that these clinics are creating good relationships with IPs. There should be more events for the people. PEople will know the worth of clinics. This would help them to choose the best for themselves. They should go to the clinic after doing a research about those clinics.



    hello, Good that you are helping people. People want all about this. Surrogacy is the best. Infertility is not a problem now. Many want advice. we should select trust worth clinic. I know some clinics. These clinics are best for surrogacy. They offer many facilities. They are also providing the skilful doctors. They have rich information. I hope this might help people. Many people go to agencies. They have information about the best clinics. Don’t forget your research matters a lot.


    Polina Delany

    Went through the website though. Still, yes! Wouldn’t disagree. Int’l surrogacy is becoming so common for so long! I’m personally going to Kiev, Ukraine for my process this week. Yes! Couldn’t conceive. So, surrogacy is the last resort I’ll prefer and suggest others. Still, I think it’s always important to choose a clinic or doctor on someone’s review, advice and suggestion. I’m going for it after seeing my cousin having her process there. So, yes! Anyhow! Still, would suggest women to chose a center wisely, many scams are also running in this business, which is such a sensitive matter.



    Hey, I agree with you, There is nothing bad in saying that surrogacy is more than bliss for every infertile. Many couples are now preferring surrogacy when they come to know that there is no other option left. However, it is the safest and harmless procedure. Only one thing is important for surrogacy is a legal permission and Perfect surrogate. I also suggest other infertile who have become disappointed, please try surrogacy for once. At least they should take advantages of this modern treatment.



    Surrogacy is indeed a harmless procedure. It is safe and very beneficial for every infertile couple or those who are suffering from infertility issues for more than 5 years. But the important things that need to be looked at the success rate of the concerned clinic. Because your success depends on the skills of the doctors and the nurses. Therefore, choose wisely. Never settle for less.



    Ukraine is very popular for its clinics regarding infertility treatments. It has many good clinics which are very popular in their services. Also, there are some bad clinics which have a bad reputation regarding their services. I have an experience with a very good clinic. I was TTC for a long time. Then I was declared infertile by doctors. They also didn’t know the reason behind my infertility. I tried IVF and IUI after being declared infertile. Then I tried again for IVF and I failed at different cycles again. I gave up on IVF. Then a friend of mine asked me to go for surrogacy. I started looking for surrogacy. But as it was banned in our country we moved abroad for it. Firstly we decided to hire a surrogate for our baby but here in Bulgaria surrogacy is banned. I moved abroad along with my husband. There we contacted a clinic. The clinic gave us free accommodation. The food and the transport were free. The clinic team was co-operative with every patient there. They were treating them as a family. They also treated us in a humble way. We cleared our some confusions and then they asked us to bring some letters for documentation form embassy from our country. Now we have applied for those documents and after that, we will start our journey of surrogacy.


    IFS Agency

    IFS Agency is a full-service egg donor and surrogacy agency in Kazakhstan specialized in assisted reproductive technologies. IFS strives to help couples who are unable to conceive a child in a natural way. We ensure coordination and provide with guidance through the latest reproductive technologies. We offer a full package of services to ensure organization and support of fertility programs, including IVF, ICSI, gamete, embryo, sperm donation and surrogacy. We offer these services to all citizens of the world.
    Our specialists will help you not only to choose a fertility clinic, a surrogate, a donor, but also to handle other issues.
    We offer consultations from highly skilled specialists, we have an extensive database of fertility clinics in Kazakhstan, we organize high-quality medical services, we supervise donor and surrogacy programs, we offer legal support, as well as a wide range of consulting and representation services.
    With our highly skilled managers, doctors, attorneys, psychologists, translators, partner IVF clinics, carefully selected surrogates and donors, and thanks to our caring and sensitive attitude, your journey to the birth of your baby will be smooth and successful.
    Be sure to contact us.
    The level of our services and fees will pleasantly surprise you!

    Our contacts:
    Tel .: +7 705 775 98 03
    Tel. / WhatsApp / Viber/ Telegram: +7 747 505 46 22
    Email / Skype: [email protected]



    Hi, my name is Liudmyla,
    Iam ukrainian woman living in Czech Republic. I would like to offer you my help in finding a surrogate mother. I am the owner of a surrogacy agency “Hope and Happiness H&H” in the Czech Republic. We are fully supporting program of the Surrogate Motherhood in clinics in Czech Republic or Ukraine. We have a positive experience and many happy families)
    I will be happy to answer you all your questions)
    +420773014303 (WhatsApp, Viber)



    Surrogacy isn’t “hope”. It works for sure. Some of the best people who would be great parents can have difficulty conceiving and some of the worst parents can have no problems.. life’s unfair, so you do what you have to

    That’s why the World Center Of Baby Surrogacy Agency can help those people become a happy family with a baby!

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