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    Amelia Char

    Hey there, how are you all? I hope you all are doing fine. Life can be cruel sometimes but we have to make the important decision as well. I have read lots of posts about infertility. Infertility is spreading rapidly. There are some common treatments. but they are not as good as compared to surrogacy. I am also infertile and I had gone through IVF and IUI but nothing happened. I waste a couple of money on these treatments. Thanks to these forums, I came to know about surrogacy. I and my partner had our first surrogacy from Ukraine. The clinic is very good and has helped us in every way. Thanks to their positive attitude. We are waiting for the results.


    Hello Amelia char, hope you are enjoying good health. Well, i totally agree with what you said. Infertility is spreading fast. Still, there are reasons unknown. Sometimes, people came to know about it when its too late. This is also a reason of many couples separation. I am glad you heard about surrogacy. Surrogacy is the last option for infertile couples. IVF success rate is below 50%. That’s why people avoid it mostly. Happy to read about the choice you made. You are very lucky that you found a good clinic as well. Surrogacy as better than adoption. I hope it will work for you as it does for many couples. I am crossing my fingers to hear good news. Keep me updated about the results. Take care

    Nelly Kom

    Hello, Amelia. I’m doing very well and I hope you’re in good health as well. Infertility sure is a very terrible thing to suffer from. It’s very difficult to see people grieving because of infertility. It is the 21st century and there’s solution to everything now, almost. Thanks to these assisted conception methods that life is easy. IVF and IUI are good options to get pregnant from. But yes, the success rates are low compared to surrogacy. They are suitable for women who really want to experience pregnancy and can afford to have other treatments done if these fail. My cousin has PCOS, so IVF worked very well for her both the times she wanted to get pregnant. The success of the procedure also depends on the clinic you’re going to. Well, I’ll pray that you hear the good news soon. Just stay positive and don’t stress. You’ve been through a lot, it’s high time that happiness rescues you. Good luck!

    Sarah hazal

    Hello there, Surely life is cruel sometimes. And infertility is not an easy thing to surmount honestly. I have seen many women who have faced terrible consequences because of it. And it just breaks my heart to see that some of them are leftover alone and their husbands have divorced them. But im so glad that your husband was there for you. And stood with you in those bad times of the darkest days. Forums do help people and keep them updated well. That’s nice to hear that you got to know about the surrogacy through the forums. Well I would give you the advice to stay calm and patient as you are done with surrogacy. Im sure the results will bring you the happiness you are expecting. Goodluck!


    Hey Amelia, I’m fine to thank you. Hope you are doing good too. I’m so sorry hearing about your problems. Life is hard sometimes, but there is always a reason for why it is. I’m glad that you found a good clinic. It would be a difficult journey but in the end, you will get a fruitful result. Don’t give up and stay strong. All the best.

    cardi c

    Hello amlia char
    Hope you are enjoying good health. I can understand your feeling and pain. after the failure of two times, the common person becomes the patient of depression. But you are not of are a very strong woman. you beard this with a strong spirit. God bless you. It would be a difficult journey but in the end, you will get a fruitful result.
    .I pray for you. Good luck in the future.thanks for Sharing such a great post. Well, I would give you the advice to stay calm and patient as you are done with surrogacy.


    Hey amelia. I wanna let you know. We’re here for you. You’ve made several posts. I’ve seen most of them. I wanna let you know that it’s alright. All the girls are here for you. Good luck in your journey. Take care.


    It’s good to hear this news, dear! Finally, you chose surrogacy. It is merely a blessing for people like you and me. However, I can’t help but feel excited about your journey. You’re definitely on the right track. I have no doubts that you will experience happiness. Infertility is a curse. But I’m glad you’ve found a way to get over it. Keep us updated on your journey. Can’t wait to hear more about it. You deserve happiness after a tough journey.

    Sarah Williams

    Sounds like a pretty good success story to me. Well, glad to hear that it worked for you. Wouldn’t disagree with the results. I’ve also heard of it before already. My cousin sister had her surrogacy a year back in Kiev. So, yeah! I personally thought of it. But, when I met our doctor in Ukraine. They suggested us to first try for IVF as my chances of PCOS are good with it. Anyway! That’s how it goes! Just need things to work for it now. Anyway! That’s how it goes! Bless you. Happy to hear your success story now. 🙂

    Chloe Mag

    Hello, I am happy that you finally succeeded in your goal. Only a few people reach at the end line without any hurdles or bumps in the way. Your bumps were the failed IUI and IVFs and mine were the scammers in the form of surrogacy agencies. They were nearly able to dupe me but I was helped along the way by my husband and I am very near to my end line. I pray that everything goes smoothly from here onwards. Surrogacy is, indeed, a blessing!

    Polina Delany

    Thanks for sharing the post. I’m sure that you’re spreading such an amazing experience. It can really help others. Surely, infertility is being spread. you story tells us a lot! I’m glad you shared it with others. Its really needed to be understood. Anyway! That’s how it goes! More importantly, it’s good to see someone getting helped through the boards. I’m glad that people still helping each other. Amazing at all! Best regards for all. 🙂


    Hi, I am happy that you moved on. You have chosen everything that was amazing for you. Infertility takes allot out of a woman. Well, I think IVF and IUI are both amazing processes. It is a bit complicated. It needs the best professional doctors to handle all the complications. I am sorry that it didn’t work for you. You must have gone for wrong clinics. Well, I have no experience with the treatment you choose. I have just heard about it from many people. I hope that it will give you good results. my best wishes are with you. never lose hope you will be a mother soon. You have been through a lot. But now its time to cherish all the happy moments.


    Hey, I am so sorry for you. I know that this period is very hard for a woman. IUI and IVF success depends on the clinic you choose. It is never easy for a woman to choose these treatments. I am so happy that you choose the right decision. It is also a good treatment to choose from. I have heard so many success stories about it. Well, Infertility is becoming so common in people. Many people choose to go for infertility treatment. If it doesn’t work so they choose other processes. I hope that now you will find a right path. My best wishes are with you. I hope the best for you. You have nothing to worry about now. This process guarantees a baby for sure.


    Hello, This is sad. This hard for a woman. Every treatment depends on the clinic you choose. It is always hard for a woman to choose these treatments. I am so happy that you choose this. I know many stories about it. Many people go for treatment. This is just because it is common nowadays. I hope you will have a plan. I wish everything goes right. I will pray for you. Don’t worry about anything. You will be a mother soon. Make the right decisions. Ask experienced people about this.


    I won’t say its a waste of money, but yeah sometimes it works for someone and for some it fails. IVF allows the women to carry her own child. Whereas, in surrogacy, the surrogate mother will carry the child of the intended parent. The decision and treatment depend on the fertility of the intended parents.

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