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    Felicia Saz

    Hey Everyone. I hope you all are doing good. I want to share my friend’s problem here with you all. She has been diagnosed with PCOS recently. She was trying to have a baby and still is. Now her chances of getting pregnant have become very low. She’s so depressed. She has lost all hope. Is anyone of you going through the same problem as her? I’m sure it would make her feel better. It would also help if you suggest something that would work for us. I’m considering IVF for her. I heard that IVF works for people with PCOS. I’m still doing my research right now. Looking forward to seeing your suggestions here.

    Joanne Silvia

    Hello Felicia. Hope you and your friend are well. I’m glad you shared this problem. In my opinion, you should be advising her to get surrogacy done. IVF does in theory work with PCOS. However it is still a pretty high risk and given her condition and depression, it would be better if she went for the safer way. A safer way is definitely surrogacy, the child will still be hers.


    Hi there. I am so sorry to hear about your friend. It is obviously a very hard thing to go through. Your friend should definitely try for IVF or surrogacy. She could see an expert who’d guide her which one to go for. I know what your friend went through. Not being able to get something you’ve always wished to have. I feel like I just told my story. I was also infertile. And I got to know that after my second miscarriage. I was so broken. I felt like there was no purpose for me to live. But then I came across surrogacy and I went for it. Now I have a 5 y/o baby that I love so much. I am glad I did it. I have my fingers crossed for her. Best of luck to her. x


    Tell your friend to not to lose hope.There is a solution to everything today.
    I don’t have PCOS but i always had miscarriages.
    So i started out looking for surrogacy.I found surrogacy as the best option for me.So i contacted a clinic too regarding surrogacy.
    You should also research about what you want to do.
    Ask your friend to research about what she wanna go for.Research about good clinics then go for them.
    I found a very god clinic over the web with very good reviews.
    So i contacted that clinic.Soon i will have an appointment with the clinic.
    Good luck for your future plans.


    Hi, Felicia! I’m sorry to know about your friend. I know it’s very hard for her. And you’re worried about your friend too. I understand that she must be going through a lot of pain. I think IVF would be good for her. Or maybe surrogacy. Surrogacy has more success rates. So, I’d recommend her that. Try to do research on these things. Make sure that you take a proper decision for her and guide her well. I hope she has a baby soon.

    Felicia Saz

    Hey, everyone. Thank you so much for replying to my post. My friend and I really appreciate the kind words. She is feeling better now. She read all your comments here. She is feeling good about the process of IVF now. I really hope it works for her. We are not considering surrogacy because her uterus is fine. Even the doctor said she can carry a baby. She only has a problem with the fertilization of the egg. So there’s a very good chance of pregnancy with IVF here. We will fly down to that clinic in April now and meet with the doctors. Her process will start soon. Your prayers will be appreciated. We really need them right now.


    Hi there! I hope you’re well. It’s nice to see you so concerned for your friend. That’s the great thing about these forums. You’re able to get great suggestions here. I think your friend should definitely look into IVF. Nowadays, there are many good clinics offering it. Along with other procedures such as surrogacy. The clinic I went to for my surrogacy was great. I had a really good experience with it. It wasn’t super expensive, compared to some others here in America. I think your friend would do quite well with either of these procedures. Wishing you all the best. Good luck!

    Shirley Akin

    PCOS can be that way. I am sorry for her. Nice of you to look out for her. Yeah IVF is a good option indeed. I don’t have PCOS. But I had IVF for my first baby. I won’t bore you with the details of my disease and journey. But since you care so much about your friend, I’ll give you some headers. First thing to consider is a good fertility clinic. You’ll find many. Consider the one with the highest success rate. There are some clinics that offer some guarantee. So its worth looking into. Second, it’ll be great if the clinic has their own doctors etc. So they can test your friend and suggest the best option for her. Meanwhile, support your friend in every way possible. Stay emotionally available for her.


    Treatment for PCOS depends on a number of factors. These may include your age, how severe your symptoms are, and your overall health. The type of treatment may also depend on whether you want to become pregnant in the future. If you do plan to become pregnant, your treatment may include: A change in diet and activity. A healthy diet and more physical activity can help you lose weight and reduce your symptoms. Medicines to cause ovulation. Medicines can help the ovaries to release eggs normally. Some women struggle with the physical symptoms of PCOS. Such as weight gain, hair growth, and acne. Cosmetic treatments, such as electrolysis and laser hair removal, may help you feel better about your appearance. Talk with your healthcare provider about the best ways to treat the symptoms that bother you. Treatment for PCOS is often done with medicine. This can’t cure PCOS, but it helps reduce symptoms and prevent some health problems.

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