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    guys, please tell honestly. If you had to choose between adoption or surrogacy.Which one would you go for and why?I mean this has been an age long debate.I just wanted to know what you guys thought about this.I mean from a moral standpoint.Do you guys believe that surrogacy is immoral?These are just my perspectives guys.You are free to disagree or agree with them.Please be respectful of one another opinion.the way I see it the same arguments can be made for one or the other.People say surrogacy is immoral because it is exploitation.One the same hand could one make the argument that why did the parents choose to have kids if they could provide for the kids.I have nothing against the two processes.I just want to know what all the fuss about.I mean if someone wants to make a living while helping other people out who are we to judge them?Take care of yourself guys and I hope to have a healthy chat with you guys.Stay blessed all.

    Felicia Saz

    I made this choice before. I went with surrogacy. I asked myself what I really wanted and what would really make me happy. The answer was a baby that is mine genetically. Adoption is a great way of having a baby. But I don’t believe in doing anything without your heart at 100% peace with it. I’m happy with my decision.


    Its not about moral or immoral dear.
    Surrogacy is a process for women like me who can’t have a baby on their on.
    I am also 43, got married when I was 27.
    I guess surrogacy is the only solution to my problem.
    A friend has now suggested me to search for some international clinics that do not reside in our country.
    You should also visit a surrogacy related clinic.
    BioTexCOm is the best solution regarding surrogacy.
    I have recently found one situated in Ukraine.
    They have quite a costless package with all the facilities.
    I have had many treatments from many experts but they never turn out to work out for me the way I hope them to.
    I have tried IUI and IVF but they failed for me many many times.
    People have now told me about surrogacy and I am really thinking about going for it.
    I just need some guidelines as surrogacy is illegal in the state where I live and I am very scared.
    I just need to complete my life and my family before it is too late for me even to try.
    I think you should give it a try too because in my view it is quite a suitable procedure for women of our age
    I have pregnancy issue and complications from the past 10 years and I still am childless as I have always been.
    There must be some way to carry out everything legally, right?
    It is very difficult at times to handle the loneliness and the depression but there are always friends and family to make me feel better.
    One thing that I am very thankful for is that I never lose hope.


    Dear, if I say honestly, I don’t have a problem with either of them. It doesn’t matter if you’re adopting or you are going for surrogacy. In some countries, surrogacy is banned. I don’t understand why. But I still respect everyone’s opinions. If you adopt someone, the homeless child can be given the love of parents. It’s a very good deed to adopt a child. Someone who has never received the love of home, family, parents, etc can given all these things. It gives satisfaction when you help such children. Talking about surrogacy, this helps a woman who cannot afford to have necessary things in her life. The process helps the surrogate to get financial support. And if she can get money on doing a good deed, then there’s no harm. It all depends on the thinking of a person. Neither of them is a bad option. I hope that helped.


    Hi there! I think both processes are good. I actually went for surrogacy. I do not understand how one can call it immoral. It might not be a natural way. But what can one do if they aren’t able to conceive naturally? I think it’s beautiful. There are many who are unable to conceive. Yet they want a baby that’s genetically theirs. This is the best option for them. If that doesn’t matter, or there are other factors getting in the way of that then they could definitely go for adoption. Anyway, I also believe a good clinic is a must when going for surrogacy. Mine was. I wish everyone trying any of these out the best. Good luck! Love.


    For childless couples hoping to have a family, adoption or surrogacy can be their best options. The process of starting a family this way can be immensely rewarding, but there are also many challenges. One of the biggest things prospective parents should consider when seeking a child through adoption or surrogacy is that it’s usually a very, very long process from start to finish. It is best to prepare yourself for a long waiting period, as well as for the costs that each option entails. Make an honest evaluation of your family’s needs. Once you determine that adoption or surrogacy is indeed the right course of action for everyone involved, prepare for the life-changing journey to come. The process can be lengthy and challenging. But sometimes it is worth the wait. While the ultimate objective for anyone considering adoption or surrogacy is to bring a child into the family, some parents agree that surrogacy is the better option for them. Some individuals feel very strongly about having a child that is genetically part of them.


    Yes. You are right. This clinic is less expensive as well as successful as compared to a clinic in the UK or any other country. I had surrogacy from the same clinic. The staff is so professional and experienced. The surrogate which they provide are always healthy and has no medical issues. the People are not so well aware of it. They think that it is an unnatural process and illegal, How someone can take someone else baby. But it’s not true. The baby genetically belongs to the parent who is expecting to have babies. it’s not illegal. The surrogate has no right to the baby. It is a good process for those who want babies if they consider it. I am a happy mother and my family is completed.

    Bella Huges

    Hi there. How’re you doing? You’re so right it’s a very long debate. And honestly, it’s very very subjective. It’s more like what you personally like. I have nothing against adoption. But I went for surrogacy because I felt like that child would be mine. It would be me. So I preferred it over adoption. Otherwise, it’s just a personal preference. But again if you adopt someone. A homeless kid would get a shelter. So it’s a great thing like that. It’s a very noble thing. However, if you want a baby that’s genetically yours. You should go for surrogacy. I respect everyone’s opinions. Peace out. Stay Blessed guys.


    We moved from Japan to Europe for surrogacy. Surrogacy is totally ban in Japan.So we moved to Europe.I had hysterectomy cancer and as a result i’m infertile.But my husband never left my side.He asked me to go for surrogacy.And we moved to Europe only for it.But in Europe we were not much satisfied with the clinics,And some one told me to go for Ukraine there are many good clinics there.So we moved to Ukraine.Now we are having twin daughters from the help of the clinic.The surrogate mother is too kind with us.God gave us two daughters as a gift to our patience, We are very thankful to everyone.
    If someone has some experience in Surrogacy let us know.
    Share your story with us too.

    Shirley Akin

    I would see what my husband and I want the most. A child. Or a genetically related child. Now if we want a related child, I’ll see if that is possible for both. I mean both can be related to the child. For me, it’ll be weird if only one of us is related. So in that case, I might opt for adoption. There are a lot of things to consider while choosing between the two options. Choose wisely. And carefully too. I wish you good luck. May you make a smart choice for yourselves. Stay happy. More power to you. Much love. Xx


    Hopeful parents have many options when adding to their families. And many couples and individuals considering surrogacy also contemplate adoption. Surrogacy and adoption are both rewarding experiences that allow prospective parents to complete their families. However, while they share many similarities, there are also many differences to take into account when comparing adoption vs. surrogacy. Each has its own unique process, benefits and challenges. And it is up to each growing family to consider all of the factors as they decide which path to parenthood is right for them. There is a lot to think about when deciding between adoption and surrogacy. If you have questions or concerns as you weigh your options. Reach out to a surrogacy specialist or adoption professional to learn more and further discuss your specific circumstances.

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