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Well, Jules, I faced the same resistance when I first time told my family and friends about my surrogacy. But one thing I must say your family or in-laws cannot understand the situation you are facing. They can not even imagine the loneliness you are facing by not having kids.Surrogacy is your very personal matter. So, no need to involve anyone in this decision. Tell your in-laws, there is nothing illegal in it. Even surrogacy is a blessing for couples like us who are unable to conceive naturally. It’s far better from adoption. In this process, you can have your own baby from a surrogate mother. That child would be of yours, genetically as well as legally. No one else, even the surrogate mother can claim for that baby. I also decided for this process after three years of research. Now, next month going to Ukraine for my surrogacy. I am quite sure it would be successful at first attempt. Having a baby is the right of every woman. Does not matter if that baby comes into this world naturally or through any procedure.