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Well Elani, it’s really sad. But you seem to be a brave lady as you have shared your story here. Yes, life is sometimes very harsh. Even you don’t know why is all this happening to you. Three years back when I was diagnosed with double infertility I was in the same condition in which you are nowadays. Life seemed to be like hell. I thought that I was the only person who was facing this problem. But then I joined a group of people having the same issue. This condition is very rear. When both the partners are infertile. There someone suggested my surrogacy. My husband wanted adoption. But I convinced him. When you have a better option in the form of surrogacy. Then why going for adoption. Now, next month I am going to Ukraine for my surrogacy. I am quite relaxed and hopeful now. Because the clinic I have selected is one of the best clinics in the world. I am quite sure I will be successful. You also try to find the other ways of getting the most wanted wish of your life. Good luck.