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For childless couples hoping to have a family, adoption or surrogacy can be their best options. The process of starting a family this way can be immensely rewarding, but there are also many challenges. One of the biggest things prospective parents should consider when seeking a child through adoption or surrogacy is that it’s usually a very, very long process from start to finish. It is best to prepare yourself for a long waiting period, as well as for the costs that each option entails. Make an honest evaluation of your family’s needs. Once you determine that adoption or surrogacy is indeed the right course of action for everyone involved, prepare for the life-changing journey to come. The process can be lengthy and challenging. But sometimes it is worth the wait. While the ultimate objective for anyone considering adoption or surrogacy is to bring a child into the family, some parents agree that surrogacy is the better option for them. Some individuals feel very strongly about having a child that is genetically part of them.