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Your story is so touching. I cannot believe that it is one person who underwent through all that. I am proud of you that you made it at the end of the day. The journey might be difficult but you came out as a conqueror. While you’ve always dreamed of a family ‘some day’. There’s literally nothing you can do about PCOS unless you’re at the point of planning a family. The very mention of PCOS brings out a second, third or even fourth-hand story in most friends: ‘Oh, well my mum’s friend’s daughter had polycystic ovaries and now she’s got, like, five kids!’ or ‘Yeah, but did you hear about Emily? Her older sister had PCOS when she was 35 and still had a baby. Everyone seems to know a story with a happy outcome, but if rom-coms have taught us nothing, it’s that we should assume we’re the rule and not the exception.