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Hey, Lina, you might be suffering from unexplained infertility. As this is one of the most common reasons for why a lot of females are unable to conceive. However, definitely, you should change your doctor as this was a major problem that I too faced. The doctor I initially visited didn’t even check me up properly. He just prescribed me medication and have me on Clomid cycle. That whole year was wasted on things like these. However, I finally decided to visit a specialist as I was satisfied. The specialist did a proper checkup and it was only after that they gave us a briefing on our situation. We were told that we poor ovarian reserve. I was honestly shattered. However, I was told about the assisted conceptions and how there was still a chance. So don’t lose hope one of my friends had to go through 3 set of embryo transfers. Out of these in the last 2 survived and now she has conceived finally. So don’t lose hope visiting a good clinic is essentially important. Look at different reviews and ask for advice on this matter.