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    Lina Love

    Hello all.One year ago I had done the first in-body transfer with 2 fresh embryos which failed. After I had some frozen 2, it again failed. We made the 2nd (in which we took 3 eggs and fertilized 2) again failed … I do not want to comment of course for psychology which is so terrible… I am 33 years old and from what doctors say we are in the sucking terms of unexplained. We decided to have the same doctor for all the cased, but he did not give us some explanation for the failures.Now of course we will go to another doctor. But I would like to know if some of the girls here got an explanation from their doctor when they failed to become moms after transferring. We’ve done a lot of exams.I do not know what to hope …
    Thanks in advance!!


    Two failed embryo transfer must be disappointing. Considering that you do not have any other children. That you are wholly waiting for the positive results. Maybe you are suffering from unexplained fertility. That is why the doctor fails to give you the exact reason behind the failed attempts. But whatsoever, that is so bad. You are the one using your finances. And I believe for any failed attempt you are not getting back your money. So that means your doctor should be doing something. If you have lost trust in him you can move to another doctor. Whom you believe he or she can give you positive feedback. rather than remaining with one that you have no future with, If I could be in your case I would have tried some other doctor. I am sorry for all these difficulties that you are going through. I do hope you find a doctor that will help you with your problems.


    If its true it is unexplained infertility. Then I am wondering why the FET re not working out for you two. I know that it is one of the best method t use in your case. Maybe you should try another doctor. But next time ensure you have a clinic that serves you best. That way you will be sure of what you are dealing with. Search a clinic that has a long history of success. The reviews should also be positive. It feels to me that now you will be late. You could have done this earlier it could have been better. Anyway, all is still not lost. There are other means of helping yourself out. You can opt for surrogacy. That way you would have changed the technique. I do wish you the best. And I so hope that this time you are going to chose wisely. You should also learn about your condition more careful. So when a doctor gives you an option you are aware of the reason. You should not let the doctor do everything for you.


    the benefits of frozen embryo transfers over a fresh (stimulated) cycle? In addition to the lower cost, benefits to a FET cycle include: Less Medication. Instead of stimulation medication, patients use estrogen and progesterone to thicken the lining of their uterus in preparation for the embryo transfer to allow implantation. Since the stimulation phase was done in a prior cycle, there is also no egg retrieval requiring anesthesia. FET cycles are often less stressful than fresh cycles because factors like stimulation response, egg development, and embryo growth were considered during the fresh cycle. Shady Grove Fertility only freezes high quality blastocyst-stage embryos giving patients a significant chance of success with an FET cycle. So I just think that you find a good clinic that can solve your problem. Or likewise you can go for surrogacy. It has always been one of the best methods to solve your issue.


    Hello Lina love
    I am sorry for the failed attempts. You are justified to be mad and angry. We all hope trial to have a child to work instantly. We usually get mad when it does not. I can guess how mad you are at your doctor for giving you no explanation. However, it is not all the times that the doctor might have an explanation. One of the reason that may lead to failure is poor embryo quality. Some embryo might not be healthy even though they look so through the microscope. They might have some unidentified health condition leading to their death instead of growth. I pray that this is not the case for you. Ask the doctor to check if the embryos have any chromosomal abnormalities which might be leading to failure. And i hope that you are of good health. I mean eating well, and having a healthy body weight. Not too low or too high. All in all, it is good to change the doctor if you have lost faith in the current one. All the best Lina love as you continue trying.


    ey, there I am extremely sorry to hear about your loss it must be extremely devastating.
    However, you shouldn’t be afraid to go for surrogacy as it is a rescue for so many women who are unable to conceive naturally. It is a great method as it allows one to be genetically linked with the baby and has a high rate of success as well. Being in the same boat I was lucky enough to find a clinic which is very inexpensive as compared to the clinic where I live. The clinic was doing the treatment legally and was also ensuring that everyone was following the legal framework. I was concerned about the health of the surrogates one of the reasons why I didn’t opt for private surrogacy. However, was glad to find out that in this clinic they had a medical test and if one passed it then they were only eligible to be the surrogates. Once a surrogate was pregnant she had to visit the clinic daily for check-ups as well. This was honestly amazing as the clinic was so efficient. The technology being used was so advanced that it was a complete mind blown moment for me. I was also very particular about the part where the custody of the child should belong to me. I was glad that the child’s rights would belong to me and I honestly felt better. Keeping the whole treatment secret would also be possible as you’ll be abroad for it. However, just make sure that your DH is in this with you otherwise there is no harm in opting for it. Always feel free to ask me more questions I am always ready to help. I hope you are soon able to conceive sending baby dust your way.


    Hey, Lina, you might be suffering from unexplained infertility. As this is one of the most common reasons for why a lot of females are unable to conceive. However, definitely, you should change your doctor as this was a major problem that I too faced. The doctor I initially visited didn’t even check me up properly. He just prescribed me medication and have me on Clomid cycle. That whole year was wasted on things like these. However, I finally decided to visit a specialist as I was satisfied. The specialist did a proper checkup and it was only after that they gave us a briefing on our situation. We were told that we poor ovarian reserve. I was honestly shattered. However, I was told about the assisted conceptions and how there was still a chance. So don’t lose hope one of my friends had to go through 3 set of embryo transfers. Out of these in the last 2 survived and now she has conceived finally. So don’t lose hope visiting a good clinic is essentially important. Look at different reviews and ask for advice on this matter.


    Hi, dear! How are you? I hope everything is fine. I’m sorry to know about your failures. It must have been very hard. Things get tough sometimes. But what matters the most is how we deal with them. Never lose hope. Two failures do not mean that there will be a failure once again. Just stay strong. I would advise you to change your doctor. This doctor doesn’t seem to be good for you. Changing your doctor might solve your problem. I hope everything goes fine. I wish that you get whatever you want. I wish you all the best in your future. Sending you lots of love.


    Hello! I hope you’re well. I’m sorry for your situation. I wish you didn’t have to go through this. Sadly I don’t know too much about this procedure. I wish there weren’t this many fails. I think it’s best you get the second opinion. I am unable to conceive myself due to having no uterus. I tried out surrogacy then I have my little girl through it. It has been great for me. Why don’t you look into that? I think its a good option. I’d recommend it. Wishing you all the best. Good luck!


    Hi girl. Hope you’re doing fine. You sound so stressed. I’m sorry to hear that. It must have been very hard for you. But you know what? that’s what life is. What you gotta do is buckle up. And get yourself together. And face all the problems. Honestly, I myself have seen this time. And I don’t even wanna remember it. Things get hard but you gotta stay strong. Why don’t you go for surrogacy? I went for it and it’s a pretty great alternative. My baby is now 5 y/o. Everything went really smooth. I hope things get easier for you. We are all here if you need any support. I have my fingers crossed for you. Best of luck. Much love.


    Hello there! I am not going to tell you to stay calm and don’t think about it too much I know I can’t exactly feel what you’re going through rn but i do understand your fears and concerns for your married life trust me it’s so different now with high technology and all the new procedures it is not difficult anymore to have a child you’ll be given several options choose the one you think is suitable for you there are procedures like IVF, IUI, and surrogacy, keep the pros and cons of everything in your mind and consult your doctor, take opinions and then go for the best suitable option. Nothing to be afraid of, you’re young so you will not face many problems during the procedure, take care of your health do some yoga to keep your mind at peace and then give it a thought because babies who’re born through such procedures are as normal as other babies. May God bless you!!

    Felicia Saz

    Hey, Lina. Sorry to hear about this. I’m for the support. I never experienced this. I had my son through surrogacy. But I’ll tell you what I think. Sometimes, the embryos don’t attach. This is very common. It could be a reason for the failure here. Please don’t lose hope. Things will work out for you.


    Sorry for your loses.Surrogacy is a blessing for many women and families.With this surrogacy many women are able to hold their babies.Some women cannot carry their baby in their womb.So they need someone else to carry their kid.Surrogacy is the best solution for women like this.
    I’m also one of these women.I had hysterectomy cancer due to which i was totally infertile.Than we came to know about surrogacy.We first moved to Europe for surrogacy.Japan has banned surrogacy so we moved to Europe.In Europe we stayed for 4 months.We found many good clinics regarding surrogacy.But we weren’t able to satisfy us.Than we moved to Ukraine to find a good clinic.Ukraine is very popular in surrogacy.Here we found many clinics.But we went for the clinic.The clinic helped us to find a good surrogate for us.Now we will have two daughters from the surrogate.We are so happy and excited to hold our little girls.
    Wish you all good luck.


    When it takes longer than it should to get pregnant, the first thing you what to know is why. So you go through the full diagnostic process, from researching family medical history to physical examinations to hormone tests — the whole shebang. And yet, some women aren’t any closer to discovering the reason behind their infertility. I realized now having gained 10 pounds over the last two years due to depression isn’t good for me, for my husband or trying to conceive. I realized that instead of focusing my whole life on one day in the month I will shift my focus. I am trying to get healthy. Not like I wasn’t before. But the best I can be. I focus on counting calories instead of counting days for ovulation. I am out walking more which also boosts my mood. I just want everyone one to know that you are not just someone that can’t get pregnant you are so many other things. Focus on what that is. Whether it is cooking, or work, or education, or exercise. I pray everyday that I will get pregnant but it isn’t my life anymore. Find a new goal and work toward that.


    Hi all ladies.How are you all?What’s going on?I am new on this forum.My friend told me that I have lots of beneficial from there.Dear all women, I am trying first naturally but now I was passing 2 years no positivity is there.Now recently, I stop my trying and move to the IVF process.But the problem is that where I had to go.I am not satisfied and still facing no luck.There I was experiencing 2 failed IVF cycles.I am so worried and stress.What should I do?Actually, my friend telling me about the clinic in Ukraine but I was not clear about that.If anybody has treated in this clinic.Please share your experience.I really thankful to all.

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