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    I have the impression from reading so many signatures. And following so many stories over the years that sometimes a fresh cycle and a new batch of eggs it what is needed. FETs have a lower success rate than fresh but there are stories on the boards of FETs working as well. I always counted my FETs as part of my first cycle in a way rather than thinking about them as a completely separate events. Since the eggs came from the same stimulation. There are lots of success stories on the boards of success after multiple cycles. Sometimes you just need persistence. And if that does not work then a second opinion. Which is what did the trick for me. The great news is that you have a good amount of frostiest to work with! Keep at it and I am sure you will see a BFP! Seems like it just takes some time. Take some time, ask questions, hug your husband, have some wine, and know that your time will come. All the best!!



    Stay calm. There must not be valid reasons for the failures you are observing. Sometimes there must not be any reason for the complications happening. It’s just the circumstances that might be going wrong. Rest would not stay unfold. Just as unexplained infertility. You would never get the reason for this one thing. It’s just a term and strong enough to damage our whole life.
    I would suggest you switch your doctor. Or maybe the procedure. See what happens. Good luck.



    Hi dear, how are you? Your story touched me. You have gone through a lot of tough time. You must change your doctor if you are not satisfied. You should opt surrogacy. My Freind had her surrogacy from a clinic in Uk. They are best in the treatment. They are less expensive as compared to other. Till then best of luck



    Two embryo failure is actually something to be worried about. But that’s what happened when you are stuck in the middle of unexplained infertility. Nothing gets the answer. Not even the failures. And I guess that’s the reason that even doctor fails to answer to your failure. Though you may be right about switching doctor. That may help you out. That’s correct that each one should have the answer to their failures so they should know whats going wrong. I don’t know about many but I read the post earlier that says there was no reason found to her IVF failure. So yeah maybe its nothing but unexplained infertility.



    No one can give a guarantee. But much depends on the mood. No need to be afraid! Shevah Friedler, an IVF physician, conducted an experiment, in which 219 women took part. He confirmed the effectiveness of combination of humor and success in medicine (in this case, in vitro fertilization procedure is meant). After all the participants underwent the IVF procedure, they were divided into 2 groups: the first group was observed by physicians, and the second group, in addition to standard procedures, attended meetings with animators. The results showed that 36% of women who watched a 20-minute show with animators successfully became pregnant. But the group which was observed only by physicians reached 20% of pregnancy.
    In Switzerland, in one of the famous pain clinics, the schedule of procedures assigns time for laughter – 3 hours a week. An animator comes to the patients, keeps up their spirit and allows you to look at problems from a different angle. As practice shows, recovery after such procedures moves better and faster.))

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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