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It is very common to actually have secondary level infertility. I know it must be extremely difficult for you. As people with this infertility aren’t really expecting that this might happen. My really close friend had the same issue. She was able to conceive her first two without any problem. However, when she tried for the third time it won’t just happen. She was really upset as she wanted to expand her family further. However, never use to speak about it because there are a lot of people who are still struggling on their first TTC. It was once she told me that I started searching for it. The clinic I had been visiting for my assisted conception I told them about her story. They said that a lot of women come to them with this problem. The ultimate solution for it is IVF and she should go for it. She did go for it and the treatment went all smooth and perfect for her. She really liked the whole experience as it is so different. Later, she had two twins from the IVF.