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    We have a 5 year old daughter. We want to have another child now. Don’t want to delay as gap will be wider. We didn’t have any problem for the 1st child. She is getting frustrated. I’m also not able to understand what’s wrong. We promised our daughter that she’ll have a younger brother to play with. We want a complete family. From the description of this forum, looks like we can get help here. It’s not possible to discuss with friends and family for obvious reasons. Nobody will believe we have issues conceiving 2nd time. We’re open to suggestions. Science has progressed a lot for answering such questions. Please share your thoughts.

    zohri diana

    You can easily have a baby. You are right science has progressed a lot. But having a baby is little bit complex. You have to face all the difficulties to have a baby in your life. Many couples have done the same thing in their life. And now they are having a baby through surrogacy or IVF process. You can do the same thing in your life to have a baby. My wishes are with you. All you have to do is to find a clinic for your self. There is no need for you get frustrated in your life. You have to find the solution so you can easily have a baby in your life. I am very much impressed from you the way you explained all your problems. Soon you will have a baby in your life.


    It is very common to actually have secondary level infertility. I know it must be extremely difficult for you. As people with this infertility aren’t really expecting that this might happen. My really close friend had the same issue. She was able to conceive her first two without any problem. However, when she tried for the third time it won’t just happen. She was really upset as she wanted to expand her family further. However, never use to speak about it because there are a lot of people who are still struggling on their first TTC. It was once she told me that I started searching for it. The clinic I had been visiting for my assisted conception I told them about her story. They said that a lot of women come to them with this problem. The ultimate solution for it is IVF and she should go for it. She did go for it and the treatment went all smooth and perfect for her. She really liked the whole experience as it is so different. Later, she had two twins from the IVF.


    Hi there! I hope you and little one are well. I’m sorry you’re facing issues. However, it’s normal to. Keep consulting your doctor. Also, keep an open mind. Look into your options. You’re right, science really has progressed really far. I think IVF or surrogacy could be great options for you. There are clinics in Europe that offer great treatments at lower prices. I myself tried it out. It’s been a really good experience for me, surrogacy. I would definitely recommend it. Wishing you all the best. Love.

    hailey johnson

    Hello there! I hope you and your family are doing fine. I totally agree with you on these forums. I too feel way more open here. I think you should explore other options like IVF and surrogacy. Infertility is so common these days. The problem is that people don’t do anything about it. I got my baby boy through surrogacy. I wish you all the best. Love!


    I hope one day your daughter will have her younger brother.
    There are many clinics regarding surrogacy.
    From my first marriage i had many complications while getting pregnant.
    As everytime i conceived i had miscarriages.
    I conceived for three times but every pregnancy resulted in miscarriage.
    I persuaded my husband to go for the surrogacy method to have a baby.
    I found many clinics good surrogacy record and a positive review too.
    Me and my husband are looking for a surrogate to raise our child in her womb.
    We have contacted clinic for this issue and they are helping us in each and every stage,
    They let us meet with the other couples who are raising babies via surrogacy method too.
    The couples feedback is so satisfying that we are now ready to go for surrogacy.
    The clinic has a number of surrogates who are willing to raise our child in their womb.
    The clinic says that they will go through extensive tests methods to clear all the reports of surrogate so that we don’t have any problems later on.
    The clinic says that the surrogate should be good physically and should be perfectly alright.
    the clinic has also its own many surrogates but they are looking the best one for us.
    I am married for second time now and i have no luck with having a baby at all.
    We both have some logical substances left which can make our own child in someone’s other womb.
    The consultant has given us a detail of this issue in every aspect.
    If someone has experience regarding surrogacy please let us know about your experience.


    Hey. Hope you are doing good. I have a daughter too but she was given birth by surrogate. I am not able able to conceive so I chose surrogacy. My gynacologist recommended me this. Why dont you go for surrogacy too. It is safe and especially for those who have problem regarding conception. The baby would genetically belong to you. I wish your daughter gets a younger brother. I am also plannig for another baby. There is a clinic renown for surrogacy. They provide best surrogates for surrogacy. They completely focus of the health of surrogate. I would suggest you surrogacy. It is safe and easy for those who cannot conceive like us. Hope this would also work for you too.


    Your instinct might be to keep your treatment a secret, but it can make your life easier to enlist a friend or relative to help with child care. Also, choose a doctor’s office you’re comfortable with. You’ll be spending a lot of time there; a compassionate staff can make treatment easier. No matter how many times you’ve been asked, “When will you have another baby?” the query still stings. Try coming up with a quick comeback—like ‘We actually love having an only child’—and commit it to memory. Another heartbreaker: your child’s pleas for a sibling. Try, “You’re so wonderful we don’t need anyone besides you.” Or maybe admit, “We’d like nothing more than to make you a big brother. We hope it’ll happen.” One of the biggest challenges is balancing enjoying the child you have with wondering if you’ll ever get the larger family you want. Worrying about what’s happening next robs you of the pleasure of the moment. It’s not easy, but counseling and talking yourself through the rough moments can help you. Say, I’m doing the best I can, and meanwhile I’m living my life.


    Well then fulfill your promise. No, it’s not going to be any problem for you. I don’t think it creates any problem for you. It’s just normal. You should go for it. Everything is going to be alright. You don’t have to worry about this.

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