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I think you’re doing an amazing service in helping your sister out. I have a massive respect for all the women who become surrogate and help parents out. I myself have opted for surrogacy as I couldn’t conceive . The clinic I am going to is very particular about the surrogate. They make sure that the surrogate had no past illness or deaseas. As this is to ensure that both baby and her are safe. Once she is pregnant she called for regular check ups. I think that it is essentially important to take care of the surrogate. They also ensure that her health is perfect. So during th3 surrogacy process I would advise you to take care of your health. Make sure that you’re eating healthy and drinking lots of water. I recently even got to meet my surrogate match. It was indeed an exciting occasion for us. As I didn’t knew how it would go but was determined to meet her. We instantly had a connection and the fact that she understands me is soo great. Best of luck to you and your sister as well.