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Hey, Brooklyn, I am extremely sorry to hear about your loss. I am sure it must have been extremely difficult for you and your family to cop4e up with. My honest advice to you would be to go for surrogacy. Now, finance was definitely an issue for me as well. As I couldn’t even think about getting it from my hometown due to the heavy amount attached to it. After which I started researching on the internet. I found a clinic abroad through it which basically offers two packages. So I had the option of going to a clinic which catered to my needs. They had an economic and a VIP package. For me honestly, both were VIP as I had seen a clinic in my area who offered nothing and were still double the price. However, when it comes to surrogacy you need to be very careful. As you’re not sure what to expect. I had to research on the legal terms as well and I was glad to find the strict rules and measures with which the clinic was moving ahead. So I guess you should also research on it and see if it suits you. I hope the very best to you and sending in lots of baby dust.