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When it takes longer than it should to get pregnant, the first thing you what to know is why. So you go through the full diagnostic process, from researching family medical history to physical examinations to hormone tests — the whole shebang. And yet, some women aren’t any closer to discovering the reason behind their infertility. I realized now having gained 10 pounds over the last two years due to depression isn’t good for me, for my husband or trying to conceive. I realized that instead of focusing my whole life on one day in the month I will shift my focus. I am trying to get healthy. Not like I wasn’t before. But the best I can be. I focus on counting calories instead of counting days for ovulation. I am out walking more which also boosts my mood. I just want everyone one to know that you are not just someone that can’t get pregnant you are so many other things. Focus on what that is. Whether it is cooking, or work, or education, or exercise. I pray everyday that I will get pregnant but it isn’t my life anymore. Find a new goal and work toward that.