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I am so happy for your friend. I do believe that such can happen. Although there are always some negativity with the health of the child. Personally would not “worry” over higher rates of genetic disorders. again, you just had a baby, what 40 months ago? as for who can care for your 3 year old while you are giving birth. isn’t that prime baby sitting age? i know lots of moms who had babies in their late 30s or beyond. My aunt had her third child while the first two were teens when she was 46. and this was in 1994! get prenatal care and keep up your good health. to get pregnant by accident at your age bodes well for the health of your unborn, is my personal opinion. it’s obviously good sperm and egg, i think. To take hold with a one shot opportunity. as for the golden years again if you will be 63 when this one graduates.