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To begin with. It’s important for us as women and mothers-to-be to know that it is normal to be sad about losing our genetic link to our future child. For some women, it can be a lengthy grieving process. We encourage you to give yourself time to grieve this loss. And see a therapist to help sort through the complicated feelings that you may feel. Remember that no matter which egg donor you select, a DE (donor egg) child will be one you and your partner. Create and give life to. The child will be exclusive and special to your own family. And he or she wouldn’t be coming into this world if not for the love that you have to give. It is also important to focus on the fact that you are going to love, honor, and cherish this child. Regardless of eye color, hair color, height, or other physical characteristics. When selecting a donor, pay close attention to the egg donor’s profile. Read carefully, taking into account how the donor portrays herself. Look for a donor that you can relate to. That you could call your friend, or that you imagine could fit in with your own family.