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Treatment for PCOS depends on a number of factors. These may include your age, how severe your symptoms are, and your overall health. The type of treatment may also depend on whether you want to become pregnant in the future. If you do plan to become pregnant, your treatment may include: A change in diet and activity. A healthy diet and more physical activity can help you lose weight and reduce your symptoms. Medicines to cause ovulation. Medicines can help the ovaries to release eggs normally. Some women struggle with the physical symptoms of PCOS. Such as weight gain, hair growth, and acne. Cosmetic treatments, such as electrolysis and laser hair removal, may help you feel better about your appearance. Talk with your healthcare provider about the best ways to treat the symptoms that bother you. Treatment for PCOS is often done with medicine. This can’t cure PCOS, but it helps reduce symptoms and prevent some health problems.