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No matter what agency you work with. You have the option of refusing any pre-selected Surrogate and choosing another. You may also elect to find a Surrogate Mother on your own. It is promising to locate both Surrogate providers and Surrogate Mothers with us or you may be referred to a specific agency by recommendations of family and friends. During the process of choosing a Surrogate Mother. You should interact with the surrogates before making a decision. You will want to discourse your specific expectations and her individual needs and anticipations. It is vital that you consume as much time as you feel is necessary during this process. Because feeling relaxed and comfortable with the Surrogate Mother that you choose is key. If you are working with a clinic. They will provide medical records for their represented Surrogate Mother. If you have precise preferences concerning your Surrogate. The clinic will try to meet these requests within reason. When bearing in mind an independent Surrogate Mother. It is vitally important that she provides you with adequate medical records and history.