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Hey, hope you and your friend are doing good. I think you asked for it the right place. I would love to share my experience so that would help you to make a decision. I tried to conceive for 5 years. Although my husband loves me a lot and he never talked about having babies or anything. I knew that he wants babies badly. But the problem was with me. I was facing infertility and we both were facing the aftermath of my infertility. So we decided one day to choose something else. We had 2 options. Adoption and surrogacy. I was against adoption because I had a view that maybe I won’t be able to take care of that baby like my own. So we chose surrogacy. I was lucky that I met a couple having a baby through surrogacy. they suggested me clinic in Europe. They told me every aspect of surrogacy. They further told me a very important thing that the baby genetically belongs to intended parents I was so happy this was all I wanted. Now I have my biological baby. I am happy with my decision. We are planning to have another baby this year.