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One of the biggest challenges intended parents face. Having made the decision to build their family with the help of a surrogate. Is choosing the right surrogacy program or agency to assist them. Choosing a program you can fully trust can mean the difference between a professional, enjoyable, smooth process. And one that is not only stressful, but possibly lengthy and unsuccessful. When engaging your chosen surrogacy agency. Make sure you clearly understand exactly what services are included in their program and what services they can not help you with. If the surrogacy agency does not handle every step of the process. Will they assist you in locating and connecting with all the outside services you will need. From beginning to end? As well as how much those additional services may cost that you will need from other essential service providers. Some surrogacy agencies charge a premium for their matching services. Yet provide no other support or services at all. And may not make that clear to you at the outset.