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Felicia Saz

Hey, Milan. I hope you are doing well. You are right. These things can be very challenging. one cannot avoid these things. But you know, you have your ups and you have your downs in such situations. You just have to deal with them. I know it gets hard. And sometimes, not just hard, it becomes unbearable. I know this because I have been there. I had my son through surrogacy. I had ew kinds of concerns every single day. I barely got a peace moment. My husband must have thought at some point that I might be crazy lol. I don’t blame him. I used to worry about so many things. It was my first time. I really didn’t know if everything will go smoothly for me or not. I didn’t know if things will work out. After all the struggle, a baby for me seemed too good to be true. But I’m so happy it happened and things did work out. I’m so grateful to my husband, the surrogate and the clinic I went to for it. In the end, it really did seem worth the trouble.