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It is painful to read posts about MCs. I am so sorry that you had MCs repeatedly. You took the right decision for not getting PG again. I would have done the same, too. In fact, I already did. Let me tell you my experience with surrogacy as you will. I am from US, and aged 32. My problem is endometriosis which I inherited from my mother. Soon after diagnosis, we had to get a hysterectomy. That was a very tough decision. I knew that after hysterectomy, I would have ZERO chances at PG. Anyway, we decided we’d become more open to alternative methods to have a baby. We went for the hysterectomy. After research, we landed at a clinic in Europe. The clinic was very professionally maintained. We chose the surrogate mother from their database as they had quality standards. Despite all this, they didn’t charge as much as we were being charged in our own country. They provided us with all legal and medical information. They even assisted us in carrying out all the legal formalities. Now, I am a mother of a happy two-year-old.