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Hey, Hope you are doing good. It is remarkable. They way you are helping other shows that you really care about humanity. I am so thankful to all the woman like you are are doing it for sake of our happiness. It makes me when I hear about surrogates do it for our happiness. We have a daughter through surrogacy. I came to know that the baby genetically belongs to the intended parents so I chose it. It is legal in Europe and I have heard about the clinic there so I chose it. My Husband feels so happy to have a daughter. He supported me in my decision when I talked to him about surrogacy. I am happy that this was the right decision. It’s not easy to carry a baby for 9 months. Its way too difficult when the baby belongs to someone else. 9 months are enough to get attached to babies for a woman. I am happy that my family is completed now. I am thankful to the surrogate who blessed me with the baby.