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Hi lady, I just hope you are doing good. Open your eyes and have some air to pass through your lungs. Your problem is quite understandable as I also have a kid through surrogacy technique. You are facing infertility issues due to many factors. Age and weight gain is a major factor in this aspect. In your story, age is the cause. You are 43 now, due to which it would be really hard for you to conceive. Infertility occurs in old age women due to the presence of old eggs which becomes infertile with time. Your husband is good to you and is supportive too. That’s it, all you need is support and courage to go for surrogacy. Besides, in surrogacy process, the surrogate mother will give birth to your baby but the child will belong to you genetically. I think you got my point. The child will be all yours. You’ll be able to love and take him. So, dear don’t feel any hesitation and go through the surrogacy. My prayers are with you!