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Hello Olivia, yes it’s really difficult to conceive naturally at this age. You have had also a history of many miscarriages. So, you have selected the right option. Surrogacy is becoming very common throughout the world. A number of clinics in the world are giving their services with excellent results. I had researched a lot about these clinics. My situation is not so different from you. I am facing double infertility. That means I and my husband both are infertile. Surrogacy is the only option for us. My husband wanted adoption. But I decided surrogacy. Why going for adoption when you can have your own child from a surrogate mother. I have found Ukraine best for this procedure. A number of success stories are associated with a clinic there. I don’t think so that there is any problem with this process. You don’t need to tell your child in future that he is born through this process. Just go through this process without any fears. Good luck.